Fox Farm Ocean Side Soil?

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  1. Hey guys. I'm starting my first outdoor grow and know everything I need to know besides the soil and fertilizer information. I want to get a soil I can start my plants off in and harvest them in too. Ive heard fox farms ocean side would be the best but would I have to add more fertilizers throughout the grow? If so, what do I add and how much do I add? Thanks

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  2. Ocean Forest I mean

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  3. Fox Farms Ocean Forest or Happy Frog is an OK soil but it's designed to work best with their line of bottle fertilizers..
    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners
    Here is the fastest moving soil thread..
    promix from Lowes = 3.5 CF = $25
    Perlite in the huge 2 cubic foot bags from Home depot = $16
    50 pounds of alfalfa pellets from the feed and tack store = $15
    bag of chicken manure from lowes = $4
    ecoscraps compost from home depot = $4

  4. Okay thanks a lot. If you don't mind me asking. How much do you want too use of each.?

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  5. And would those ingredients get me from start to finish or do I need to keep adding nutes?

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  6. The basic ratio is
    1/3rd peat.. If you find promix it's ready to go.. Raw peat like premier will need some lime to buffer the acidic nature of the peat..
    1/3rd perlite
    1/3 compost .. You can split this with some EWC (earth worm castings) if you can find-afford them..
    Up to 1 cup of alfalfa pellets per Cubic foot.
    1/2 cup of chicken manure per CF
    Kelp meal is some of the best amendment if you can find it..
    Crab shell meal
    Neem seed Meal
    In a pinch you can just use most any organic powdered tomato food and that'll do well enough for your first attempt..
    Avoid stuff like Bone and Blood meals as the slaughter grade animals it comes from is the lowest grade materials you can find.. Floor scraping crap and you can find better..
    Once mixed it's best if you can let it set for a month before use.. The manure will heat it up if you use enough so be aware.. Use a lot if you have time and not so much if your planting ASAP..
    It's not rocket science so you have a lot of play in what you can use.. If you have access to 10 year old leaf piles dig in deep and take the bottom layer, Great stuff.. Forest floor duff is another great source.. Maple leaves at the top of the list..

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  7. Happy Frog goes 8 weeks or so without nutrients. Pot size and the plants hunger are variables that affect applications. Easy sneezy. Watch ur babies, less is more when using nutrients.

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