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  1. I plan on buying a 1.5 cu ft bag of ff ocean forrest, and i was wondering if I should add anyelse to the soil. I plan on using 5 gallon pots. Also, does anyone reuse the soil after each grow? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone recommend adding perlite?
  3. I always use ffof. I dont add anything until its ready for nutes usually after 3 weeks or so.
  4. Good to go straight from the bag.
    Use a seed starting soil first. I use sunshine mix #4. About 7-10 days after it breaks soil, go ahead and place it into the ff.
  5. I used OF for years and got tired of the fungus gnats, I now use Roots Organics Coco based soil and it has changed the way i grow
  6. has perlite in it......... straight FFOF! :metal:
  7. I'm with al shankmor. I heard they don't sterilize their product before shipment. Just what I heard. I switched to Sunshine mix#4 (soil less) Changed my life.
  8. ive used it many times in 5 gal buckets. put some small rocks in the bottom inch or 2 for drainage. i used 30/70 perlite to ffof. you need perlite for the soil structure, when you water them the soil will get very compact and muddy. with a good amount of perlite you can avoid this.
  9. I use a mix of 3 parts ffof 1 part light warrior 1 part Perlite. The ffof is good as is but compaction can be an issue. The Perlite and light warrior help but keep in mind the light warrior adds nitrogen. It can be a little hot. The system works well but I start in a seed mix. After 3 or so node sets I transfer. I think if I use the same ratio but instead of light warrior replace with coco or sunshine to make it a little more "young plant" friendly.
  10. FF only is dense as shit. The worm castings and guano can get really compacted. Use perlite.
  11. I cover the bottom inch or so with perlite, and go on top with the FFOF. I think I will check out the organic Coco though and see if it will change my life too. Fungus Gnats are a pain in the ass. I'm hoping my nematodes do their job.

  12. Coco based soils are also way easier, in the sense that not only will the roots organics not compact on you, but it's almost impossible to over-water, because Coco can not get water-logged
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    No shit they don't sterilize!! FFOF is designed to be 100% organic! Sterilizing it kills all the beneficial bacteria!! Guess what.... Bat guano, fish emulsion, and earthworm castings can't be sterilized. If u want sterilized u might as well use miracle grow! organic soil makes buds taste much better. Just sayin......
  14. Sunshine mix #4 is not a long term soil. It's whole purpose is for starting seedlings. It's good for about 14 days of growth. They just sent 25 3 pound bags for the store to try. I got a whole product spec breakdown sheet. In order to have a full grow with it, you would have to use a ridiculous amount of nutes, and water. It might work, but your buds are going to be about 25% weaker than they should be, and a lot smaller. I live sunshine mix #4, the best seedling soil I've ever used, hands down. But sunshine has a whole other line of soil designed for veg and flower you can get. But if your doing a soil grow with nothing but sunshine mix #4, your ruining the quality and size of your plant. I still have all the information they sent the store with all the 5 pound sample bags. If anyone thinks they are ok using this mix for the whole life of their plant, let me know ill send it to you. Quality and quantity will be affected.

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