Fox Farm Ocean Forest or Happy Frog for seedlings?

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  1. What soil is best to sprout my germinated seedlings into from the two? Ocean Forest or Happy Frog & Why? Thanks in advance
  2. Happy frog + perlite

    Why? It's the stuff I have used and it gets the seeds to about 3-4 weeks before I need to transplant and give nutes
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  3. Is the perlite absolutely necessary? If I transplant into Fox Farm I won't have to give mutes for another week or two after that right?
  4. Giving these baby's a try. Colorado Clementine and Durango OG from La Plata Labs and I wanna start this off perfect. image.jpeg
  5. I don't use perlite, but many do as it helps with both drainage and aeration of roots. Because I use fabric pots, I believe I get enough of both.

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  6. I plan on transplanting into Ocean Forest once they hit about their 4th week from germination. How long will Ocean Forest hold me till I need to feed them?
  7. Can't say. FF is hard to find in my neck of the woods. :/

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    Mix perlite in, your plants will love it and your less likely to over water. I use fabric pots also, still add perlite or other aerition amendments. Cannabis likes a light airy soil. Ocean forest is more mild. Happy frog is pre- loaded with nutrients. Some sensitive seedlings may see some nutrient burn from happy frog. Not all of them. I've used both for seedling. Also have used fox farms seedling mix called light warrior. Usually with happy frog I would either use old hf soil or flush some of the nutrients from the soil just in case. Just whatever small amount for a solo cup to start the seed in.
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  9. Are 1 gallon square pots too big to start my seedling in? I'm planning on potting them tomorrow but I don't have perlite. The guy at hydro store told me the Happy Frog would be better cause Ocean Forest is loaded with nutrient an would burn seedlings. He told me Ocean Forest would be perfect for them once they are 2-3 weeks old. Is this true?
  10. Unless they're autos you'll want to start in smaller containers. Most folks start in solo cups and then pot up. It helps the roots get established and it's easier to water in the correct amounts in small pots when they're young.

    I ran into the same problem with ffof vs happy frog. Folks on here say that ffof is hot and can burn seedling. Folks on Rollitup say happy frog is hot and to use ffof for seedlings. Went to my hydro store and they said it has
    Nothing to do with it and that ffof is for veg and happy frog is for flower. No idea who to trust. In the end both product pages on their sites say that they're both good from seed to harvest. I use happy frog all the way through and I like it.
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  11. I did my first few grows without perlite and then I used perlite and I still use it because it's great. Happy roots mean happy plants. It's a good idea because both ffof and happy frog are dense and it turns into a rock after a few weeks of watering.
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  12. I feel you bro! I have heard that mixing them makes some awesome buds. I dunno but yeah you just don't know what to believe sometimes. I suppose there's a lil truth to all of it
  13. Gonna use both from seed to harvest for sure tho. Fox Farm & Happy Frog both
  14. Hell yeah! I feel you. Perlite don't sound like a bad idea after all
  15. My bad i got them backwards been a bit since I used ff. Your guy is right. By the time they outgrow a solo cup they're ready. So a 1 gallon would definitely be ready. You'll be fine in a 1 gallon just watch the watering and dont drown it. Remember its a small seedling the entire pot doesnt need soaked. Ive started clones and seeds in 5 gallon containers, just didn't water the entire container until the plant was ready. Almost every gardening store, home improvement stores, wal mart, Kmart, target have perlite. Some grocery stores do in the spring. It's everywhere. Other options would be crushed Lava rocks, sand, rice hulls, tons of options check online. Vermiculite loosens the soil but seems to retain moisture. I really bet there's perlite around you somewhere though. Super cheap and super common. The chunkier the better.
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  17. Im very happy with happy frog mixed in with perlite. In all honesty you'll be fine with either one. They are both great soils.
  18. Layer your soil.... FFOF bottom 2/3 FFHF top 1/3
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  19. I make a 50/50 mix of happy frog and of and start feeding plants about 2 weeks after sprout....matter of opinion

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