Fox Farm Ocean Forest lower my PH from 6.3 to 5.2?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Poblano, May 30, 2009.

  1. Is anyone else having this problem with FFOF? Any suggestions? Should I then water with a higher PH, expecting it to be lowered as it goes through the medium?
  2. are you testing the run off? how do you know its dropping? I use the same soil and usually just water with a 6.5 balanced blend
  3. I am testing the water before putting it in and testing the run off. Two separate plants yield the same result, a full point drop in PH from 6.2 to 5.2.
  4. FFOF is 6.8 out of the bag.

    if you have excess salts in the dirt from feeding then that could be causing your problem

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