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  1. should have my fox farm nutes in a day or two. Pretty excited. Is it pretty straight forward. Or any thing I need to know?
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  2. Gunna finally check out your link @vostok , i always see your advice is good and credible... lets see what youre all about

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  3. Daaaaaamn, link is broken!!

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  4. I was wondering if using the nutes is easy or is it complicated
  5. Yeah go to there website, they have a chart you can use as well as instructions on the bottles (bottle instructions are pretty high imo) if you go by bottle instructions start with 1/4 strength and work your way up.

    Be careful with the big bloom it’ll make a mess every time you pour it.

  6. I use the fox farm trio of big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom.

    I wouldn’t recommend following the feeding schedule on the bottle. It’s way too strong. I use roughly a third of what’s listed on the bottle.
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  7. Do you use it with every time you water the plant?
  8. I’m not the guy to look to for nutrient answers, but here’s my feeding schedule, every time I water.

    - veg
    10ml big bloom
    10ml grow big

    - bloom
    10ml big bloom
    5ml grow big
    10ml tiger bloom

    Then ph it up or down as needed.
  9. I will let somebody else answer if you should feed every watering . this answer is subjective i am not looking to get into a debate . one thing i want to tell you . after you mix your nutrietns with water check the ph after its all mixed up. just look @ the bottle it will tell you how much to add per gallon of water . usually the brand you bought says 1 teaspoon per gallon . i have nutrients mixed in a 500 gallon container auto watering system i invented . idk why i do not sell them ? pc controlled with sensors .ow well
    in veg and flower so yes they get nutrients every time except for flush stage.
    idk how you want to feed ? i suggest making a new post to feed every watering or not ?
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  10. Lol!!
  11. During veg I feed every other.
    During flower I start feeding every other until I see the need to feed twice in a row and water in between, meaning I feed twice in a row and then straight water and then twice in a row then straight water etc... until I see she can handle being fed every time until the flush.
  12. Often times even at reduced strength we are over feeding cannabis plants with these types of nutrients. When it comes to Fox Farms you can easily burn your plant.

    You didn’t mention what you were growing in, but if you chose a pre mixed soil like a Fox Farm Ocean Forest for example then those mixes comes pre packed with nutes to last you about a month. Tell us what you’re growing in and we can tell you if you should or should not add nutes to each watering.
  13. Can you share some more info on this? What components are you using?
  14. I
    m growing in better homes and garden potting mix soil.

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  15. I personally would avoid using nutes for the first few weeks and let the slow release inputs in that soil do the work
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    Keep a journal. Get a TDS pen. When plants are ready for nutes, they will let you know...water with nutes every other watering. Start out 1/4 strength then 1/2 and more if needed. Check ppm levels of mixed nutes going into plant. Water with enough water to get 30% run off every watering even on non nute days to prevent nute lock out with this brand. FF is very salt based. Check ppm levels on run off that will tell you how much rhey are feeding from each time you water. Example 1200ppm going in on nute water day and next watering day plain ph water you get 600ppm in run off , then you know your plant ate 600ppm of nutes between waterings. Feeding ppm numbers will change depending on how much foliage they have, size of plant and where they are in growth cycle. Keeping a eye on ppm levels on how much they eat will determine if you need to feed 1/2, 3/4, or full schedule strength. Keeping a eye on ppm levels will let you know if they are not eating and getting close to nute lock out which then you can leach the soil out on a non nute watering day with a few extra gallons of water to bring the ppm levels down to where they should be by which you'll know what the numbers are from keeping a journal . I use depending on what week in the grow the Fox Farm trio , FF microbe, FF rasta cal mag, the 3 FF bloom boosters and FF bembe sweet and dandy grown in FFOF soil. Last thing is to always check PH every watering to adjust it to what it needs next watering. Get a good ph pen not a cheap $15 amazon one. You can get a good one for around $60. Dont use the ph liquid drops to test ph if using the bloom boosters in flower due to the dye in the boosters throws the coloring off and you wont be able to see the actual ph test color. Hope some of this info helps and good luck.
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  17. I agree with @socalgreentime! I use FF and I never go more than 1/2 of the recommended - anymore than that (especially in flower), then they will spot and burn...
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  18. zero . these are not for sale. i am around software techs small part of my business . they build a auto watering system for me. its all controlled from a computer. there are many valves hoses 1 pump. computer turns on or opens valve will say #1 hose length is so and so long so it will need to run this long to supply this amount of water. then close valve #1 open #2 this plant is only 15 feet away not 35 will say. the program knows to run so and so long . after a harvest just set up plants back in dial the stage there in its preset for the amount of water .
    so first day of 12/12 i like to water them heavy new soil bigger pots. just restart the pc cycle all i need to do. the computer knows what to do .
    do not ask me more then this its not my business i am not educated in software .
    so basically there are hoses from the roof coming down attach them to the plant in the spot there labeled zip tie them to the stem. never a need to worry about water again. until flush . just switch the valve on the water source to the faucet .
    the lighting is also on a program raises the lights these plants grow rapidly the first 2 weeks i am not in the area i could be 1000 miles away . you could use a simple timer to raise the lights use a digital one . just need to worry about pruning and cleaning then staking them so they wont fall over then harvest . i let my ladies do all this. this is a warehouse . so its worth having this system
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  19. Ohhh that’s just an automated watering setup. I thought you had an auto dosing system that would mix the nutes for you. I’ve worked with two such systems but these were commercial systems. Was curious if you had made a better mouse trap :).
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