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  1. Can you use fox farm nutes in coco? I see it mentions it on the watering schedule, but was unsure which schedule to go with. Currently I got canna coco with the canna nutes line and then the other half in a soil mix on fox farm nutes. Is like to switch all to FF for convenience, plus being organic and cheaper.
  2. Depends on which Fox Farm nutrient(s) you have.

    For the most part you can expect a shortage of Calcium and Magnesium. You also need to have at least a cursory knowledge of nutrition. I would suggest you stick with the Canna. It's not that expensive.
  3. I'll be using the FF Tiger Bloom in my coco coir medium

    SCMC I've seen you around at Grasscity here expounding alot of very helpfull information to other growers and you seem very knowledgeable.
    Could you link me to a tutorial or thread that would explain the proper ratios of Cal, Mag, and Potassium? I understand that they interfere with each other and so the proper ratio is needed, would this ratio differ depending upon he CEC of the medium(coco coir)? And would the levels of calcium and magnesium change depending on the phase of growth?
  4. As I remember it, the Ca and Mg levels in Tiger Bloom are totally jacked.

    I cannot link any tutorial that might encompass what you are looking for. Sorry.

    The ratios are important in regards to the CEC of the media, and the quantities of cations retained within.

    Yes. The amount required for Calcium and Magnesium do change over the course of the grow. The plant and the coco both require excess levels of calcium while they are maturing earlier on in the grow. During the later period of growth the coco can become over-full of calcium just as the plant is requiring greater amounts of Potassium and Magnesium.

    There really is no set rule on how to handle this transition. You will get a feel for it over time. I find that by running a good nutrient system which already accommodates these changes (CNS17 Coco/Soil) and by using a myriad of supplements to tailor the nutrient profile, like Epsom Salt, Potassium Silicate, and a bloom booster managing the maturity of the Cation Bank of the Coco against the Maturing Elemental Requirements of the Plant is more about knowing your phenotype and getting the timing right.
  5. I used FF before in one of my grows. Total pain in the ass. Please do yourself a favor and get a nutrient system that is more suited to coco.
  6. Oh boy your post makes it sound as though this is going to be very tricky...

    I'm not seeing any calcium deficiency and I'm now 12 days into 12/12. If what your saying is true the only thing I need to worry about will be magnesium deficiency and I have epsom salts to cover that. Seeing a slight bit of mag def at the moment so perhaps if I slowly raise the epsom dosage throughout flower I will get through with no deficiencies

    Hopefully I can avoid deficiency, I want to keep the plants happy

  7. I'm having the cal mag def right now it's now horrible just noticeable. I bought the advan nutes sensi cal mag bloom. I have two girls in FFoF soil and 6 seedlings and one clone in coco.
  8. i use fox farms and calmag in coco and don't have any problems.
  9. That's what I'm looking to hear!

    I have botanicare cal/mag(plus) do you use this brand of calmag as well? If so how many ml of cal/mag do you use per ml of FF nutes?
  10. I'm using 1ml per every L right now early in veg but will probably bumb to 2 ml per a ml.
  11. fiaburn, any updates on this grow? how'd the FF nutes work out? I use FF also and so far haven't had any issues, however, I do supplement with additives.
  12. I'm 6 weeks into veg on sherbert clones in Coco. Using half recommend dosage of everything and the girls are loving it. I'm running Botanicare Hydroguard, Fox Farms Big Bloom and Cal-mag at 1 tsp/gal of each and FF'S Grow Big at 1 Tbsp/gal.
  13. Very happy plant

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