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    the fox farm schedule shows only 4 weeks of veg then jumps to flower. since im veging longer than 4 weeks do I just repeat the veg weeks until I want to flip to flower? or just run through the schedule as planned and repeat the last week of nutes until harvest
    thanks in advance.

  2. Stay with veg nutes, and go easy. That picture you posted on the other topic looks like you're over doing it...
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    I would suggest at least 1 plain watering between feelings. I go 2 or 3 plain water between my feeds on my Purple Trainwreck. She is so sensitive to the nutes and hardly needs any.

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  4. thanks for the replys guys, I have been feeding every other watering on my main plant and the pic you saw andy was one of my smaller ones. I only fed that plant 1 time and it was 1/4 strength. ill wait a few waterings before feeding again..
    thanks again for the replys guys
  5. Yes.  Just continue your balanced schedule, until you want to induce flower.  Consistenct is the key when it comes to nutrients.  Too many people attempt to manipulate too many values.  Stay on course, and you will have a succesful grow.  Peace :)
  6. Hello I have a question as well. I'm kinda stuck I have clones that flower in 8-9 weeks. I'm using fox farm dirty dozen as well as the kelp me kelp you and wholly mackerel I started at week 1 and im at the end of week 3 now and just realized the schedule is for 12 week plants any ideas on what I should do.[​IMG]

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