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  1. I have the 3 set if fox farm.

    I don't have gallon jugs and I only have 1 plant.
    Can someone please tell me how much to mix?
    Thank you
  2. There is a chart on their website. Print it out. It usually comes with their product. Depends on hydro or soil also.
  3. What size containers for water do you have? And what size container is the plant in? It should be in a 3-5gal pot by the time she flowers anyway, which needs about a gallon of water at each watering.

    Save up milk/tea/juice/water gallons and clean them out. Fill up with tap water, and let it sit out over night. Adding a little Earth Worm Castings helps as well.

    Regular feeding, 2tsp per gallon. Heavy feeding 3-4 tsp per gallon.
    Start at quarter strength for the first feeding, so 0.5tsp per gal. Then half dose, 1tsp per gal. Then, finally full dose(regular feeding). If you find your plant to be N deficient slowly up dosage to the heavy feeding. Be sure to feed every other watering.
  4. Yeah I have the chart. But I don't have a gallon bucket which is what it calls for. And I only have 1 plant and I know you can't premix because it goes bad.
  5. The 3 pack incorporates more than just one bottle per feeding. You use 2 at least and in flowering you use all 3 the amounts is what changes per stage.
  6. I'm on Germany. We don't have gallons. We have liters. Out bottles are 1 and 1.5Liter bottles.

    I think my pant is in a 1.5 liter pot. I'm not sure. It maybe be a gallon. How do I know how big the pot is?
  7. It won't go bad since you will be watering every week depending on lot size. Reduce strength then I do 1/4 strength then 50% never more
  8. Should of said when you got it 4 liters to a gallon approx. though. Just fyi
  9. That's what they recommend, but for veg I only use Grow Big. Big Bloom and Tiger in flower. You don't need to follow their strict schedule, it's more of a guideline.
  10. I follow it because it works amazing. I used to do that but I would need more of one in some cases if a deficiency occurred so I follow it and now have zero problems. To each is own.
  11. This is why I used the words "You don't need to".

    OP, there are 3.8 liters in a gallon. You'll need to buy a precise syringe because 2.5ml(0.5tsp) divided by 3.8 is 0.66. So 2/3 of a ml for the first dose feeding. Then, 1.5 ml the second feeding. Then, full dose 3ml per liter if my math is correct
  12. Yeah that's where my problem was. I didn't know how to break it down since liters are smaller then gallons.
    Thank you!!
  13. Not a problem, happy growing :smoke:

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