fox farm for hydro???

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  1. can i use fox farms grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom for a ebb and flow system? oh the nutrients are NOT the ones that fox farm made specially for hydro.
  2. as long as they are water soluble you should be good.. just make sure not to saturate the water with the ferts


    they are water soluble. so yes they'll work.
  3. Fox Farm makes different formulas of Grow Big for Hydro and Soil applications but Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom are supposed to be fine for soil and hydro
  4. I use all three for hydro, just dont go full strentgh... they work great
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  6. here's a pic of my white widow bubble bucket grow at 1 month old using the fox farm 3 packs of nutes, I used the regular Grow big not the special hydroponic one, under 400 watts digital hps

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  7. Thanks dudes.

  8. do you use only fox farm grow big for vegatative stage or do you mix a little of the fox farms big bloom too ? im just trying to get a recipe for vegatative growth.
  9. Ive been leaning towards Fox Farm for my first Hydro grow, and first grow ever actually! :) I basically got almost everything together, now just reading up on the nutrients. I'm using DWC in a tote, im thinking of making my own inch net pots, but one thing im a little confused on is topping the resvoir off, not sure what that means... and my water levels... do i fill the resvoir to to the very top so my netting pots will be submerged?
    im a nobb here sorry. i really need some help and tips.
  10. Hey if i use (soil liquid fertilizer)-foxfarms
    How do i portion it out?
  11. Been researching this very subject. I’ve had issues. For a Hydroponic System the hydro version of Grow Big is a must. I would drop the Big Bloom. It will end up causing you problems. I only used a quarter strength during veg, a 1/5 only for the first week to week and a half for the clones. Definitely need CalMag once you bump to a 1/4 strength. I’m in week 5 bloom, and have yet to get passed 1/2 strength. I just had to flush, was getting magnesium deficiency. After lots of research and talking to some really smart people....I was told to drop the big bloom ASAP. Guy that recommended it, has actual experience with these nutes. I should know if this fixed things within the next couple of days. My PH kept wanting to rise as well. Hoping it fixes that too. Hopefully this helps. If it doesn’t fix, I’m going with the GH trio

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