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  1. I am expecting my Fox Farm nutes to be delivered today. I ordered the soil trio Grow, Tiger, and Bloom. I am vegging plants close to a month old under 6 26 watt cfls. If anyone is using these nutrients do you go by the fox farm feeding schedule or do you use a different schedule? Here is the link to the FF feeding schedule
  2. are you in hydro, or soil?
  3. I am using their schedule usingonly grow big right now. Fox farm is very reputable, use their feeding schedule....although you can change it around a bit, but try to stick to it.
  4. Follow the schedule online, not what is written on the containers. Feed with every other watering. Make sure you get at least a little run off. Start 1/2 to 1/4 doses.
  5. What soil are you using? If your using good soil like Ocean Forest you can adjust as the soil has lots of nutes in it already.

    I'm using FFOF with all 3 of their nutes. I start using Big Bloom at about 1 tablespoon per gallon at about week two. I dont start using grow big untill about week 4, maybe week 3, but only give 1/2 teaspoon per gallon. See how your plant react and increase dosage next feeding. Big Bloom is safe and you can go to 2 tablespoons pretty quick, watch the grow big and go 1 teaspoon next feeding, I've never given a full 2 teaspoons.

    I start giving tiger bloom after I see preflowers and about a week or two before switching to 12/12, continue giving Big Bloom throughout grow.

    I feed with nutes every other watering. And give a supliment of Magical (or you can use Calmag+) now and then.

  6. Definitely listen to Mr. Bubbles here. I had been fighting nute burn a lot until I dropped the dosages.
  7. The schedule is a good starting point... but most important is to pay attention to your plants needs and reaction to previous feeding. Better to start off light and work your way up then dealing with an overfert issue.
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    I agree here, what I typically do with my PRO-MIX and the FFOF soils is water only with runoff for the first 3-4 waterings. I figure by 5th watering assuming optimal conditions have you flushed most of the soils essential vitamins and minerals :)

    I start with 1 TBL per gallon of BIG BLOOM typically say 12-14 days old. Note my day one is the second the germinated seed is placed in the soil. :) That is 1/2 the recommended dosage. Then water the next and move to the Big Bloom / Grow Big as the schedule indicates.
  9. Well thanks for your help. To answer a question, I am using sun gro sunshine mix(the red label bag). Well I got my nutes in and got so anxious to feed my plants that I mixed some nutes up. My plants are a little over three weeks old and have 4 nodes each. I went with the second week feeding schedule and mixed up 2tsp. of grow big and 2 tbls. of big bloom and saturated the soil. Took about three quarters of a gallon for ten plants in 18 oz cups but I was bored last night and transplanted them into some gallon containers (I think) for more root room. A few hours after I fed them they looked as if the leaves had gotten darker and they started to perk up so everything is looking good. Thanks for everyones replies....put one in the air for the growers.:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  10. If I'm not mistaken, the feeding schedule also says to flush once a week w/ Clearex or Sledgehammer or something like that. Does this really make a difference in soil? If your not over fertilizing?
  11. Flushing is helpful for a variety of things, but flushing every week is excessive.

  12. So you used big bloom in veg phase?

  13. YEP pretty much from week one... Kinda pointless if you ask me to buy the FF pack and not follow the schedule. I trust these folks know what they are doing their nutrients are popular to say the least...
  14. yes, you use big bloom the entire grow

  15. i checked out their schedule they say every other week after veg. the clearex bottle says every 7-21 days. hey toasty does this make a difference in the taste of the weed?
  16. If you are asking if flushing in general makes a difference, to my experience yes and that is the common wisdom among most growers. If you are asking if flushing every week or two makes a difference compared to flushing less, I've never tried, but I've found that a single good final flush is all that is needed to rid the plant of any nute taste.
  17. for example when it says 2tbls per week, do you water one time with the gallon of water with nutes, then next distilled water, then nute water, then distilled water? ive read the chart, and i just dont understand how my water schedule throughout the week should go, im using ffof and 400 watt mh/hps
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    What it is saying is 2tbls per gallon for that week. You've got it right. You feed every other watering, so on week 3 for example when you feed you will mix 3 tsp Grow Big and 2 tbl Big Bloom into a single gallon of water and feed with that. The next watering will be just water and the one after that will have nutes again and so on. Some people will even go plain water, half strength nutes, full strength nutes, plain water, half, full etc etc....but I just feed full strength every other watering(like the schedule calls for) and they seem to like it. And if you are going to use the solubles(cha ching, open ses, beastie) you will throw those in the mix as well.

    Your girls will let you know when they have had too much.
  19. I'd start with 1 tsp of Grow Big your first watering, I actually start at 1/2 tsp. Better to start off slow and work your way up than dealing with an ovefed nute burned plant.

    You can go 2 tblspns of Big Bloom without any problem.
  20. I tried the link, I get a pdf file but there's nothing in the blocks. Just an empty spreadsheet with products and 1 logo..?

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