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Fox Farm Feeding schedule

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Ganjagod85, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Been using FF Grow Big and just ordered tiger bloom, big bloom, and open sesame...what do you guys think of this schedule I found on their website... how would you recommend I use these nutes in the beginning of flower just turned off the lights tonight...

    watered and nuted today with FF Grow Big

  2. ive been using the foxfarm regimen every other watering exactly how the ffeeding schedule says... Out of 8 plants, 1 has been showing symptoms of overfertilizing but keep in mind that the genetics im using (White widows) are known to be nute sensitive. Id say start off with half the recommended values at first but after week 4 or so, increase to the normal dosage. Dont use the normal dosage at the beginning as I did especially if your using a rich organic soil like foxfarms.
  3. i personally just use grow big for veg and the tiger bloom for flowering on my ww plant......shes 17 days in flowreing now and looking real good!
  4. lol, i actually use the entire line up thats on the chart except the hammer doctor or whatever its called. So I have 6 different fertlizers from foxfarms that are used at various times as the growth chart indicates.

    To answer your question, yes i have been using the big bloom and grow big in a mixed solution of water EXACTly as the grow chart specifies.

    1 out of 8 with fertilizing problems isnt bad in my opinion. Thats an 88% success rate with the chart ! Start off with half the dosage. I hate to reitterate this but I feel its important enough to stress. If i had, id probably be having 100% success.

    Make sure you water every other watering too when you begin to use them with the full dosage prescription.:D
  5. I wonder where the hell you can get that sledgehammer bushdoctor shit; I haven't seen it anywhere... Yeah dude I ordered a bunch of flowering nutes and am going to get beastie buds and cha ching next week when I get more money

    come check out my grow bro
  6. i've basically followed the schedule too. simply put, foxfarm is the shit!
  7. ganjagod, post a link here. lol im too lazy to search for it.
  8. where can i purchase foxfarms products online?

  9. From what I've heard, the bushdoctor shit is NOT available in the US. (My response is better late than never right? I just realized I'm reading a post from 3 months ago. Thanks Kind Bud!!)

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