Fox Farm Feeding question...Help Plz!

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  1. Just ordered the Fox Farm Trio and was curious how much of each I'm supposed to use.

    I know Tiger bloom and Big bloom are for flowering and Grow big is for veg.

    How much exactly should I add to 1 gallon of water?

    I know the whole 1/4 and 1/2 strength in the beginning, but do I add like 1/2 tbl spoon of each the blooms to a gallon of water for flowering?

    I used Alaskan fish fert for veg this time but am gunna switch to fox farm next time but my girls are gunna need their first dose of bloom nutes here shortly.

    Thanks for any and all help :wave:
  2. I was just talking about the same thing with a guy here named FluroKing. Hes a cool dude and uses FF nutes. Here is his schedule that he lent to me. Check it out.

    Ok bro, here it goes..


    Last 2 weeks into Vegg here is what I did..
    I gave them 4 tbsp of BigBloom every other watering, Every other day I watered/Fed..
    Sometimes waited 2-3 days to give the soil a chance to fully dry out a bit
    Start of flowering-
    1 tsp Tiger Bloom
    4 tsp Heavyweight molasses
    1 tsp Natures Organics Cal-Mag+
    I gave this every other watering while working my way up to this, still every other watering, Also fed/ watered every other day still..

    4 tsp Tiger Bloom
    6 tsp Heavyweight Molasses
    4 tsp Cal-mag

    About week 5 I started the following EVERY WATERING

    2 Tsp Tiger Bloom
    2 Tsp Cal-Mag
    5 Tsp Heavy Weight Molasses

    Also, here is the FF feeding schedule. Hope it helps.

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  3. That would be good if I was mixing with 5g buckets of water lol. But I'm not, only mixing with a gallon of water. And the only other thing I'm adding on top of the Fox Farm is molasses.

    Also why no mention of Big bloom in there?

    Not gunna buy something else as I've already purchased the FF

    So, again lol how much Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom should I be adding to one gallon of water?

    Thanks :wave:
  4. Sorry, maybe somehow you missed my post. I sent you a link to the Soil and Hydro feeding schedule PDFs. Read them.
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    His feeding schedule was just an outlining suggestion that you could tailor from...also the feeding schedule that I attached breaks the dosage down by gallon (more in accordance with what you asked).

    also try doing a google search of of Fox'll get everything that has been posted here. FF nutes are always a hot topic so you should be able to get plenty by doing the search.

    Both hydrobuilder and I posted the same attachment/link for the feeding you got your answer right in there...only thing I would throw in is ofcourse to start out by feeding at 1/4 dose of what the schedule calls for and then gradually increase it over the weeks of the cycle.
  6. ok was looking at it on my phone so I couldnt see the schedule attached.

    I see it says 2 tsp/gallon so what, first feeding or two give them 1/2 tsp then go to 1 tsp and then 2 tsp. and continue that throughout the rest of the feeding?
  7. Well thats where the way your plant reacts to the feeding comes into play. Starting out at 1/4 the recommended dose will allow you to not burn your plant if it doesnt use all the nutes for whatever reason. If the plant appears to be still need to be fed then step it up from there in increments.

    I worry about burning my girls so I go 1/4 at first then towards the end I might end up at 1/2...I do know alot of folks here say that they go full strength as the plant becomes able to take in more. You just have to watch for what she wants. Its easier to correct from under feeding than over. I hope this helps.
  8. I would recommend using their whole line if your going to run ff nutes.
    There is:
    Big bloom (used in veg and flowering)
    Grow big ( used in veg and flowering)
    Tiger bloom (used in flowering)
    Kangaroots (used in veg and flowering)
    Microbrew (used in veg and flowering)
    Open sesame (used for flowering and 4th week veg)
    Beastybloom (used in flowering)
    Cha Ching (used in flowering)

    Also highly recommend flushing with their flush (sledgehammer) as it works very well to get all the salts from their nutes out of the plant.

    It doesn't cost that much more....maybe 100 ish.....but you will way more then make up for the extra cost in the quality and yield even on just 1 plant.

  9. If you are new to growing, dont worry about using a bunch of supplements. Just use grow during veg and bloom during flower. Increase the complexity over time... if you go all out in your first grow you are sure to fail.
  10. [quote name='"HydroBuilderCom"']If you are new to growing, dont worry about using a bunch of supplements. Just use grow during veg and bloom during flower. Increase the complexity over time... if you go all out in your first grow you are sure to fail.[/quote]

    Used the whole line on our first grow and did 4.25 per plant (3ft tall) sure to fail isn't really right.

    It's simple to use the whole line and fallow the feeding schedule....if I'm going to learn to drive...I start with a car...not a go cart.
    There is no reason to not use the whole line other then spending money and being scared.

    The one thing you do want to do is go 1/4 strength until you see them needing more...then go 1/2 strength nutes.

    I would quite growing if I was trying for 2 per plant....anything less then 5.5 and I'm disappointed.

    If you can read then you can use the other bottles just fine....

    Good luck!


  11. also have to take into consideration the fact that FF products are not readily available in all areas. I know I can get them off the net if push came to shove but for me the cost of shipping and handling would not be practical. Since I dont profit from anything I grow, I try to be very cost effective and I know that one day I will want to stop using FF stuff and try to still be able to reap the same benefits. So yeah, you are right on cost being a factor.
  12. Show me a pic of your 5.5 oz plant.
  13. Damn...I knew that challenge was gonna get thrown down:D.
  14. [quote name='"HydroBuilderCom"']

    Show me a pic of your 5.5 oz plant.[/quote]

    Next harvest is in 2 days and I will try to get better pics.
    Here are a few from last harvest.
    (we flower with 5000 watts and co2)

    4 white rhino dry was 21.6
    1 purple mr nice guy was 6.3
    1 dumpster was 5.4

    Our harvest that is 2 days away, measuring from the ground to the tops ...they are about 5 to 5.5 feet tall (pots are about 10" tall).
    3 purple mr nice guy
    2 purple og kush
    1 dumpster


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  15. Daaaauuuummm!!! Nice harvest Smoker!!!
  16. Nice work, CO2 has a lot to do with that success :)

  17. Haha, challenge accepted. Nice.

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