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    Having some trouble finding info on this. I have been reading into the common organic ingredients and what they are used for.

    On my way to pick up pure bat guano and earthworm castings I found fox farm happy frog fertilizer mix. I bought a high phosphorus bag guano that contained humic acid and various mycorrhizae and bacteria, and a fruit and flower blend containing kelp, fish hydrolyze, fish bone meal, alfalfa, a lot of other things.

    The directions recommend a top dress but I would like to try making my first AACT.
    The fox farm fruit and flower is a dry granular mix. The bat guano is powdered, it seems like it will dissolve very well in a tea.

    I am 4 weeks into flower in fox farms happy frog organic soil with no feedings yet.

    My plan was to add 2/3's cup of the guano and fruit and flower, 1/2 cup of corn meal, and 2 TBSP of molasses to 3 gallons of water in my AACT brew.
    No EWC unfortunately never found them local.

    I was going to use leggings with a zip tie at either end as a Tea bag - is this a good/bad idea?

    Can these premade organic fertilizers be used in an AACT? Any success?

  2. Im amazed no one has any input, I thought FF was a common product?

    My first AACT came out well there is no doubt it was full of activity. The girls already show signs of improvement. I used exactly as I printed above, and watered thoroughly with 1 gallon tea : 1 gallon water - 2 gallons per plant

    But still have symphilids in my soil! I am worried about a soil drench right after an AACT and being halfway through flower. My girls are 4 weeks into flower and have been infested for some time I am sure. I may just let them ride it out and watch closely.

    Does neem oil kill symphilids?

    I used pure Fox Farm Happy Frog soil - has anyone else gotten symphilids in their Fox Farms?

    Any input appreciated,

  3. Don't know much about Happy frog but the symphilids problem should be solved by putting some diatomaceous earth on your soil and watering it in. Though it looks like powder to you, to an insect it is like a razor blade cutting through them. Plus can add a little silica to your soil.
  4. Thank you! I have DE and I was aware of its use on crawling insects but I wasn't sure if it was effective on symphilids.
  5. OOPS I guess I gave bad advice. DE works better dry I guess (though it will dry up even if watered in). Sorry hope you get rid of them.
  6. haha its alright. I have heard it done both ways and assumed watering it in only worked so well. Will it kill any larvae?
  7. DE will kill any insect with an exoskeleton whether wet or dry. Water doesn't solubilize it.

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  8. Good stuff. I need a better source of information haha. Got to start doing the .edu searching.
  9. Hello,

    I saw that you too were dealing with a Symphilid problem and I was wondering if D.E. killed them??? I just found out I am infested and I dont really want to start adding all kinds of chems if I dont have too as I am trying to stay Organic

    Any help would be massively appreciated:

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