Fox Farm Dont Bug Me Pesticide

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  1. I used this pesticide on a few newly transplanted cuttings that were about 8-11 inches tall.
    Several hours later I checked back to find the spray had caused burning on the foliage. 
    Any insight?

  2. Pix would be great!!!!
    This product I've not heard a lot about, when bugs hit our babies I advocate Neem Oil, as many here will recall, although I do agree the harsh Pyrethrum will do the job, this so called natural insecticide, needs a 'heavy' mover, like petroleum or alcohol as a carrier agent, it's that, ..that does the burning.
    Never buy anything you don't know whats in it, many here will testify to that fact, Fox Farm Shit is too Hot for Mj b...full stop.
    Consider: Gently wash your plants of that shit, allow to recover in dim light for one day, wrap pot in a plastic bag first so you don't get the chemical or the water run off in the soil or root zone

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