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Fox Farm Big Bloom

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by pimpygrub, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Spend the extra $5 and get the Tiger Bloom in my opinion
  2. Yeah thats a good one. They also make one called Tiger Bloom, which I use. I also mix that with another fert called Bio-Bloom by Bio-Bizz. Superthrive never hurts either
  3. What is a good one for the veg stage? Organic..
  4. I never used ferts until the flowering. During vegging i just used water and a few drop of Superthrive mixed in.
  5. Big Bloom is the one you want for flowering if you want all organic, my bad.
  6. But both the Tiger Bloom and the Bio-Bloom are organic. That's why i use em. The only problem is the Bio-Bloom is imported from Holland, so it may be hard to come by. I got it at a grow store an hour away from my home, yet you might to be so lucky. But I agree... spend the extra money and get the best shit.
  7. I was told the Tiger Bloom isnt 100% organic.
  8. Dude at the store told me it was, but i just looked on the bottle and it doesn't say it is or it isn't, so im not too sure. The Bio-Bloom is for sure organic
  9. Check out Earth Juice. They have grow and bloom thats all organic. I've used both for several runs and am quite happy with the results. IMO Much Love.
  10. Tiger Bloom is the shit.....come check out what it did in 12 hours...see my link....post was between 11/27 and now......amazing results and still producing them....i highly recommend it and ive tired others but this seems to work best in soil at least and definately in combination with FFOF soil.
  11. for sure check out foxfarmfertilizer.com and that'll give you more insight into their products
  12. http://foxfarmfertilizer.com/faqfox-organics.html#anchorfaqorganic1
  13. Fox Farm Big Bloom is meant to be used as a PK suplement in addition to a full strength nutrients. I don't think Big Bloom provides too much in the way of micronutrients. Also, it's not very concentrated. I'd go with the Tiger Bloom suplemented with Big Bloom.

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