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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jam6992, May 17, 2010.

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  1. So lemme start of by saying how i got high tonight. so i didnt have any weed and i had a bunch of old pieces so i scraped off all the res i could find and i made this huge res ball and i packed it in my bong with a bit of tobacco to help it burn and smoked it. It tasted so bad and idk why i did it but like 10 mins later i was so high. like i smoke almost every day and this was almost the highest ive been.

    But i go outside and take a walk and find this cool spot and i sit down to smoke a cig and a fox walks by. So since im sitting down im like the same size as the fox and it looks at me and makes this weird gutteral sound and i start imitating it. Then it stops and turns towards me and starts running at me from like 50 feet away kinda fast. Then i think and realize i should stand my ground (im obsessed with animals and i know shit like to stand my ground to an animal like that cuz itll get scard) and i run at it and then it just turns and runs away. After that happened i started walking back towards my house and then stopped and was like, did that actually just happen? Im still in shock from that.

    Thought id just tell u guys my story. Peace out!
    Yeah im also from maryland and im moving to los angeles in less than a month and im pumped. I wanna get my medical card which would be awesome and im jsut gonna skate all day long. Aight yall peace out:wave:
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    Wow your like 2 days late on this one...

    Cant find Sorce but this is a modified story going around grasscity.

  3. wadda u mean?
  4. This story was told like 2 days ago but this one if a bit off but the same thing. I know what you are doing

  5. haha dude im not trolling if thats what u think. but yeah its actually a very different story and somebody trolld that story so why would i do that? i was just tellin my story which by some coincidence was similar to an older story haha

  6. What you mean? Did someone else have this happen to them? Because if so we have on our hands an astronomical occurrence.

  7. haha yeah dude but this other kid got chased he ran away mine is more intense id say haha
  8. ive seen 4 diff people with this same story.. but they are always a little more diffrent i wish i could find the post il ltry XD
  9. its called a "saga of the fox"

  10. haha well i guess this says something about the foxes. maybe they just love weed and know when people are high and they like to mess with em hahaha. that made no sense

  11. <<<<< you are the other guy that did this...
    FUCK IM SOLVING THREAD CRIM XDDDD so why did you do it? *shines light in face*

  12. hahha dude no im not i think ur just high and think u solved a fucking conspiracy hahaha

  13. im just haveing some fun tonight and i was like *wait a fuckin second*

    Also are you the same person or not. i think you are.
  14. I don't think it could have been one troll. It could have been the first guy posting a legit story that was stupid and and a troll creating a counter thread to make fun of it.

    Or maybe it is one troll and three fox threads.
  15. big mystery...
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