Fox backs out, wont sign Mexico drug bill

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    US Influence Speculated As Fox Backs of Drug Bill
    In Mexico, President Vicente Fox has backed off signing a drug decriminalization bill just one day after he said he would approve it. The bill would have eliminated criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of certain drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. Fox's reversal is fueling suspicion he was pressured by US officials. Just hours before Fox's announcement, the US embassy urged the Mexican government to reconsider the legislation.
  2. fffffuuuuuucccccckkkkkiiiiinnnnnngggg aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    i was looking forward to this passing
  3. All I can say is that I'm really disappointed. I don't know why Fox backed out, whether it was his decision or U.S. govt. pressure, but I'm really disappointed.

  5. And this is why nothing will ever happen to the current drug laws. The US has way too much pull when it comes to other countries laws..
  6. on the legalization board there is talk of this. i think its mostly do the the fuckin USA... "drug tourism"
  7. Damn, I was looking forward to a road trip in the near future
  8. U.S. Probably bribed him...
  9. lol i knew our fascist govt' wouldn't let it go through.
  10. Come on... of course it's a US influenced decision! It would have put such a major kink in our War on Drugs. We're not going to let our baby brothers down south wreck what we've got going on on that battlefield! Pshaw! The insolent bastards! :tongue in cheek smiley:

    But I thought that I had read that Fox already signed it... Fucking misleading fucking headlines!!! :mad:
  11. Concise and truthful.

    rep +
  12. This sucks...

    Why do you guys think he declined to sign it? I personally thought he was afraid, he probably received a bunch of threats from dealers and such, preventing him to make it legal.
  13. Man that sucks, fucking politics. JOE>
  14. so close and the US had to fuck it up for everyone. way to go on that good decision mexico.

  15. The thing that's so fucked up, in my mind, is that:

    The new law isn't really new. It wasn't illegal for anyone who's a drug addict in mexico to have personal use amounts. What changed was the definition of "addict" to include everyone (since it's probably hard to prove or disprove addiction), and they set an actual amount that's considered "personal use" whereas before there was no definition of what "personal use" amount was, even though the law said it was ok to have it if you're an 'addict'.

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