fox and aphids : (

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    so i attempted my first grow this year, i germinated and started 8 bag seed plants in solo cups and moved them outside three days ago once they were 4-5 in tall. i have an excellent guerrilla spot right by water. the soil looks good but i mixed a bag of fox farms oceanic forest with it anyway.

    i went to check on the plants today and a fox dug up 2 (i could tell it was a fox cause theres paw marks nearby), aphids are eating 2 and two were knocked over : (

    this is my first grow so i guess its kinda a learning experience but is there anything i can do about the aphids thats cheap and any suggestions for the fox?

    ****im pretty sure they are aphids, they are tiny, orange, and on the leaves*****

    my plants are spread out but i have a feeling this fox is gonna fucking dig them all up before the end of the summer. bastard.

    oh well, learning experience right?:rolleyes:
  2. Get a little chicken wire or some fencing to put around the base of them, that should keep the fox or any other digging animals out.
  3. ya people will see that though, i used the search button and someone also suggested fishing line so i might try that, it will be free since i have it, and more difficult to see since this a guerrilla grow. and then for the aphids it looks like soap and water or neem oil.

    any other suggestions?
  4. How can you call it a guerrilla grow if people would see a little bit of short fencing.. hmmmm
  5. ^^ Guerilla growing just means growing on property that is not your own. He's got a point though. If people can see chicken wire, they'll be able to see the plant.
  6. good point. ill get some chicken wire. its near railroad tracks, its far enough away that someone walking on the tracks wouldnt notice it/know its weed but i just thought if they saw something man made like chicken wire they might be suspicious but they probably cant see it, im just being paranoid.

    ill go out there early tomorrow morning and put up some chicken wire. if the fox has attacked another plant by the time i get there.... im gonna fucking flip:mad:

    thanks for the help, ill snap some shitty pictures with my phone so everyone can see the plants too:p.
  7. chicken wire work well if you look at the my grow in my sig. at least they weren't seeds you paid $10-20 a piece. throw some more seeds in the ground its not to late! neem oil or soapy water, but i also heard about something called "tobacco water" lemme find it real quick...

    Tabacco Juice recipe

    Take 3 strong ciggeretes soak them over night in water
    Boil it for 2 to 3 miniutes, let it cool off and spray the plants 3 to 4 times a week. You can add safer soap if you like to the mixture.
    (make absolutly sure you use gloves/face protection while handling and spraying)
  8. well figured i'd update. two were eaten down to the stalks by FUCKING DEER!!! argg, after seeing that i finally worked up the balls to sneak some chicken wire out to the remaining three. which worked out cause i only had enough chicken wire to surround three. i ran some fishing line through the top of the chicken wire to make it so the deer cant just stick their heads down into the fenced plant. i dont get it, theres thousands of other plants around and they eat my pot plants.... the fox stopped digging at them and the three that are left dont have aphid problems yet. a friend of mine had some "deer and rabbit repellent" which im assuming is basicly synthetic predator piss so i used some of that and sprayed the plants with a water soap mixture for good meausure.

    question: the plants are basicly at the height of the chicken wire already, will the fishing wire strung through the top in a half assed star shape fuck with the plant? like do u think it will grow around it? idk what to do. these fucking deer already ate two down to the stalks and i want to prevent that from happening to my final three (god help me that atleast one is female lol)

    any suggestions to fight deer? is the fishing line going to be a problem?
  9. Fishing line seems to be working great for me , i can actually see where the deer are stopping on the outside of the fishing line and bedding down. I strung it at two different levels High and Low...
  10. alright thanks, im definitely learning alot this grow. i would have never even thought about deer before i came back to find 2 bare stalks lol. next year i'm going to do it properly.

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