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    When I was in first, second, and third grades of public school we students would do some things that most likely will never be done again. One of those things was the manner in which we began our day. During the warmer months, we would go outdoors and do a bit of exercise. But, before exercise we would recite the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer. During the colder months, we did these things inside.
          We also had fire drills. These fire drills terrified me. They entailed walking out onto an old, rusty (probably just surface rust) metal fire escape that was bolted to the side of an equally old brick schoolhouse. We could see the ground when standing on this fire escape and, being afraid of heights, fire escape drills made me anxious to say the least. Then there was the clapping of the erasers (from the chalkboard) that one lucky student got to perform for the teacher (out on the fire escape). What are some things that you remember from years past that most likely won't happen ever again ?
    PS. Your account doesn't need to be school related. It can be A&W Root Beer and their roller skating girl servers that would serve the food to you in your car while they wore roller skates. Any memory you have.

  2. Shit man, being young dumb and stoned in the Midwest, carefree gravel road doobies, skateboards and hair metal, when chicks still had pubic hair, when having beef with some dude meant a fistfight and beers afterward...getting too drunk to remember why you were angry in the first place, field parties and barn parties, seeing boobs for the first time on a railroad trestle bridge, stumbling through a cornfield with a keg in a wheelbarrow. We had no idea what we were doing but we were damn certain it was right.
  3. We used to have keg parties in the woods during my high school years. Until our local police department bought some horses (true story). Now, they have dirt bikes to root out those darn kids and their darn parties in the woods. Heaven forbid teenagers have any fun... :mad:
  4. Duck and Cover drills.
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    My dad hotboxing his 78 Civic in the strip club parking lot off Roscoe and Van Owen smoking, well, 70's ditch shit that they thought was fire

    Back firing his 64 Impala in the Van Nuys tunnel

    He remembers back when jet fuel and unleaded alike was so cheap that him and his friend would rent a Cessna, fly from LAX to KLAS Las Vegas and have dinner, then fly back to LAX on $100.

    Back in the day, talking across continents was a ham radio rig and antenna

    random taking his truck and RX7 into the desert and sleeping in the open, 357 at his side.

    Shit, I wish I was born in y'alls day n age
  6. Oh and my personal favorite of his stories.

    His friend had an old firebird he would race.
    When he would do said backfires in tunnels and blow up mufflers.
    He would tell his parents he's driving to Nevada to test his new modifications.

    He was really hitting up all the brothels.

    Said man had his mom find his stash of brothel matches, to which he replied "screw you, I'll just start a new collection" :D :D
    Man, he had some times :smoke:

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