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  1. Check em out full four weeks pics! The exterior leaves are getting covered in white hairs. I see the buds filling in def. I accidently stuck my finger in one and it smelled so sweet :). Again 12 plants under 400 watt HPS and 250 watts worth CFL at the end. Let me know what you think. No they are still in my closet setup just bought yo yo sunlift grow hangers for my tent so I will set it up when I get home. One question for the Gurus and experienced, should I trim some of the leaves now? Love the feedback!


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  2. my tent and air cooler

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  3. is your air cooler just a small air conditioner that you put in your tent?
  4. nice plants hope the harvest is great. i wish i can grow like this one day.. how long did you have them in veg for?
  5. Yeah, I'm a week behind you and mine look similiar. What strain are you growing?

    I have some skunk special, along with some mixed strains.
  6. I honestly don't know the strains lol. Bagseed, some are 50/50, most are sativa dom looking. I have about 4 weeks left on three plants and 6-7 on the sativas. Yes the air cooler is a air purifier/humidifier/cooler so it helps out tremendously. My humidity is 50-60 and temps are from 70-80. I try to aim at 76-77. I let them Veg in my opinion a little long for 2 months. Its been 3 months and a few weeks. My next grow will be worlds better. I aim to veg for a month to month n half and go straight into flower. But yeah this all seems to work well if you do your homework. Post some pics of your crops guys and lets compare lol.

    Thanks for checking them out.

  7. niiiiiiiiiice job
  8. what r ur temps like it looks like u have a problem
  9. naw temps aren't an issue. I took that picture with temp saying 80 just for show. I keep my temp with help from the air cooler around 75-78 all the time. I over dosed them once with nutes and some of the leaves never healed. Room temp is 78 F. Any other ideas for help I would be an ear open.

    Thanks APZ

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