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  1. You say each one is like a few glasses of wine. Each one is like shotgunning a bottle of wine to yourself, not some easy drinking white, like a port. A can and a wine bottle are about the same size.
  2. 4 loko has some 14% also. Probably copied joose. The one tastes like an energy drink. The blueberry one turned my shit blue. It was fuckin weird
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  3. Oh wow, you bring up some memories. I haven't heard "Joose" or "Sparks" in over a decade :smoke:

    Sparks was fairly tolerable (as sugary gas station drinks go) and only around 6%, but Joose was another one that packed a punch, much like Loko, if not worse @ times.
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  4. The first sentence of the first post on the four loco experience website went like this....

    I puked all over myself and then shit the bed.

    Good times!!
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  5. That shit is nasty. I stuck to beer (Icehouse if I'm looking for bang for buck) and liquor.
  6. Have had many dances with this devil back in the day. Never got fucked up off it, one can would do me fine for a while before I'd want more.

    Did have a buddy get totally smashed on it though. We were going to a bigger city around here, (small town country boys) to cause some havoc. On the way there we each drank one, I was feelin good from it, not even really tipsy just that good carefree comfortable mood lol. He drank another, then started on a coors light. I warned him.

    Okay so 20 minutes later we roll up to academy, he is fucking hammered sloppy; hitting the end caps and shit in the aisles but we're having fun. Let me tell you, you cannot go anywhere with this guy drunk lol, one time hammered at the mall he wanted to fight this guy in an Easter bunny costume, mind you the two girls working with the bunny costumed guy started it with some stupid shit talking but he was wild on them, they goofed up tangling with us. We had to dip before security came around

    Back to academy: So this group of 5 boys from a neighboring small town were there, they were maybe a year or two under us, we were 24/25 at the time. We challenged them to a game of golf over there in the golf section after some hoorah and shit talking. You can putt around on a small green in there. We were hooping and hollering, every time we got one in we would punch the wall or shelves and yell about kicking some ass. We ended up winning, the prize was the academy employee coming over telling us to get the fuck outta here before he called the cops.

    We were playing around in the parking lot I saw a guy "Hey man my reverse doesn't work can you give us a push?" Got a guy to push us back in neutral then I cranked it up and reversed the entire way out of the parking lot watching that dude laugh. We left, then the alcohol really hit. Friend started blacking out, puking it up, the good stuff.
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  7. I look at it as a trashy experience that I survived in my poor youth.
    This is certainly not an ode to a classy beverage. More like a twisted metal song to the glue once huffed under a bridge. :smoke:

    With Loko, I saw a guy pick up a girl and piledrive her onto concrete, all in "fun". To this day, I don't understand how she survived. She too was hammered on Loko.

    I saw another guy sprint across the entire pool area, looking to jump over the fence. Problem was, once he arrived at the fence, he just kept running, and basically plowed through the whole thing, hips first. It was like a car accident, but caused by a human body. About 100 people @ a packed pool couldn't believe wtf just happened. (everyone was smashed ofc)

    My super nerdy roommate in college, who went on to graduate from M.I.T. and would never fight a fly in his life, once on Loko tried to throw down with a group that looked like MS13 members.
    I basically had to throw myself on him to prevent us both from getting cartel-murdered in a Subway parking lot.

    Loko Stories are real. :GettingStoned:
  8. I shit you not me and my bestfriend always had 1 each to start our night when they had rocket fuel in them. Anywho we were like 19 and drinking and driving having a good time. We were almost to our destination and a state trooper pulled someone over up ahead. As we were passing my friend yelled out the window and said "FUCKING PIG". I said "why did you say that man. That is causing attention and we are driving and drinking underage." Sure enough my friend keeps looking back and then slams on the petal and runs a light and pulls into a school. The cop followed us we threw out our four locos and trapped in the parking lot. Apparently we lucked out and hit his last button and he pressed the abuse power button. He pulled a gun to my friends face with no reason to do so at all. He said " so you like calling cops pigs blah, blah , blah." My friend said "i appologise my friend said it was dumb." The guy he pulled over followed and asked the officer what he should do. The trooper replied "get the fuck out of here". Turns out he realised his car was recording everything so he just asked us to pick up our fourloco cans and have more respect.
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  9. You had me @ McKenna
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  10. [​IMG]

    Every time I find a Fourloko meme I'm just gonna post it here lol
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  11. People can say all they want about certain brands and the people that drink them, but when it comes down to it, some of these tall cheap drinks like four loko have some good things about em. Mainly that, they're everywhere, available at most all times and liquors not always on hand, even if I have a shelf loaded at home lol. They will get you where you want to go if you got somewhere to go, and they're not just the worst tasting drink at the gas station. There are far worse malt cough syrup flavored shits!
  12. [​IMG]

    Didn't remember this being in the cartoon. Bojack Horseman - Great show.
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  13. Only people I’ve ever seen that drink it is homeless people, so it probably do fuck ya up.
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  15. Never tried em but now I will be on the lookout so I can participate in the thread! I usually drink a 12.5 beer...benford problem solver. Is 4 Loko fermented or?
  16. It's malt liquor
  17. Ah fuck
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  18. I haven't had one in almost a decade now, but I'd love it if someone took the 3 can challenge on an active evening of going out and reported their story.
  19. nasty fucking shit............better off drinking out of a public toilet
  20. Drank just one can...once! Ordered a pizza, drank it.

    Woke up in the morning cuddling my old golden retriever on the floor

    Mom was at her boyfriend's semi permanently.

    I took care of the dog and watched my mom's house.

    Twas some good times.

    Rusty's in heaven now. I'd like to think when I see him again he'll remember his ol drunk human in 2016

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