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Four Days in A'dam

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rael, Dec 5, 2001.

  1. I've just returned and recovered from a 4 day bash in the Republic of Amsterdam and as promised here is a brief report.
    First of all this old town always kicks and gives you something new if you look alittle. This goes for smoke and general fun.
    As far as the smoke goes I've developed a routine of early day light bud; like orange bud, adams apple etc. By mid day my true passion begins with some of the lighter black and blond imported hashes and I eventually move to the best fucking hashes of the world and loose my mind with iceolator and pollinator nederhashes for the late night. This trip was no exception and there were no disapointments.
    I use the smart shops: do ephedra, energy drinks etc., to maintain my composure but lot's of walking helps to clear my head for the next rounds of indulgence.
    I spend brief times in the coffeshops themselves and except for a few special places I usually buy and walk. Too many tourists make most shops unbearable. My best shop test is how much Dutch or Dutch accent do you hear. If it's mostly American or english you will probably do better goining elsewhere.
    I enjoy good wine, always find it here along the Rokin and polished of some great vintages. I loved the food and found some of the best music in my now eight trips. But the best thing about Adam is the people and their vibe. You can tell I love this place and it's really a second home. I'm running long but I thought a few might be interested. Rael
  2. same here dude.. I love adam, i would live there if i could. I will go there again end of august, only for 2 nights tho.
  3. Damn, I'm going to go there soon then. Sounds enjoyable and I've never been
  4. totally thought you said four days inside of your friend Adam.
  5. Been there twice now. I've never seen so many bicycles! Besides the weed, A-dam is filled with culture and great scenery. I love heineken so I enjoyed the factory, best tasting heineken I've ever had. The museums are great if you like art and history. Red light was exactly how I imagined it, smoking hot women and sex shows haha.

    Just like the OP said, the place has a great vibe with great people. I ended up making friends from A-dam and now I got a place to stay for when I go back :)
  6. Wow a decade old thread. Good read tho
  7. I heard about how they're banning marijuana from tourists? Does anyone know any new developments on that?
  8. Thats fucking dumb they shouldnt be allowed to ban that.
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    Im interested too.

    Such an old OP.
    cool :)

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