Four bedroom house need help:)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ebbnflow, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hello all you wonderful potheads out there in pot land. I have a small problem well actually it's a very big problem. Here's the thing I just purchased a nice big four bedroom house and need help setting it up. Not physical just mental, the master bedroom is 11ft by 14 with a huge closet and bathroom. The other three rooms are all about 11ft by 11ft with smaller closets not walk-ins. It's one story and I'm nervous about using the garage. I just don't like the heat aspect. This is Texas so during the summer it gets quite hot. Now here are the tools I got to work with. Fifteen 4ft by 4ft hard plastic treys 2 8ft by 4 ft teys and one 4ft by 2 ft trey. two 1000hps bulbs and one 400hps bulb, five cool tube hoods and one noncooled tube, a million 5 gallon buckets (i went threw a DWC phase), fifteen pumps and all the other little things you need to set up any hydro setup. I appreciate all ideas and thought I'm also interested in what a electrician thinks the best way to go as well. Please help me because I love growing and I really want some new fresh ideas. So now that your done reading pack a bowl get out some paper and go to work:):hello:

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