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Founds this video of kids from my school

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Coldshots, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. i think they belong in this category, just cant handle it

    [ame=]Lung hit - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Those are some ugly mother fuckers.
  3. so are you in eighth grade too?
  4. their ameaturs. No bic is a sign of ameaturs.
  5. That was a total bitch hit
  6. What are you in middle school?
  7. they're weird.
  8. nah its a decently sized school im going into grade 12, that first ugly kid is actually the oldest, he happens to be a midget
  9. Those are some ugly mofos right there. Look like Rednecks too. Where do you live OP? Washington State?

  10. oh, k then
  11. Wtf, looking like some damn Hobbits....
  12. Anyone else notice how he held the lighter there the wholeeeeeeee time, takes like 2 seconds to get it cherried lol
  13. Nah he must live in some bumfuck backwoods town.
  14. Wow, Some pretty small 18 year olds o_O
  15. anyone else here think that the OP is one of the kids in the video? How did he just "find" this video on YouTube... it was uploaded TODAY and has like 10 views (probably all from this forum).
  16. they are in lower grades, well the one recording the whole video is in my grade, hes the one i seen upload the video and i thought it was lame so i posted
  17. Why the hell did that kid driving sound like an 11 year old girl?
  18. Dude, this sounds like such bullshit.

    How did you find this video? You obviously had something to do with it, it was posted TODAY.... "some kids from my school in lower grades". Bullshit.
  19. What the fuck?? That's me...

  20. hmmm, You're 18 and still going into senior year of highschool?

    Weird... I was 17 when I was going into my senior year. strange unless you got held back or something.

    But yeah, It's not a good idea to put a retarded midget behind the wheel of a Car/Truck when he probably can't even reach the pedals and they're smoking weed.

    Sorry to any Retarded Midgets out there if I offended ya :p

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