Found What looks and smells like burnt bud second opinions?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mypod, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I found what i think is old bud I burnt some of it and it was straight up the smell of weed and it was located in the same spot I smoked last time.. I'm a little worried though because this was in my garage and I wonder if maybe mice ate it and pooped it out in that same location?? Why would a mouse eat burnt weed and stay in that spot long enough to poop?? It smells like weed so inknow it is I'm just not sure if it's mixed with animal feces.. I have photos that I can email if anyone wants to help me figure it out maybe we can solve this mystery once and for all... Let me know if you want to see them..
  2. Well, first off you may be overfertilizing. Nutrient burn is a legitamate concern. Additionally, you want to watch out for light leaks. Disripting the dark period can really stress out the plants. Finally, what the hell are you talking about!?!!!
  3. What the hell is going on up there in your post ha? So...all your asking is "Did I smoke Mouse Shit" haha you'll be thinking about that for a while. I think Ill pass on the Mouse Joint pics,because I bet its no cheech and chong Labrador Joint.When in doubt toss is out!
    Funny sh*t tho
  4. you smoked poop dude.
  5. That was a shitty joint!
  6. cannabismo reply to mypods post is hilarious..Mypod your post takes the cake for anything ive seen on GC. I cant stop laughing
  7. haha so confusing, you cant tell the difference between weed and poop?

    If you smoked it, you already answered your question.

    A normal mouse would not eat weed and than sit there and poop. On the other hand a weed freak mouse would eat all the weed so fast it shit it out similar looking to when it went in, in which case you can smoke it because it was not digested and it went through the mouse fast.

    Careful grabbing random things in a nasty garage that look like poop and trying to smoke it. Maybe just sprinkle a few mouse weed pellets on a normal bud to increase the flavor.

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