Found weird stuff in my friends lock box.

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  1. so i had to go to my buddys storage unit to grab something to mail to him.So i open the unit and im looking around and i find this lock box.I looked at the brand of box then look at his key ring and realize I have the key! So i open it up to find 3 pairs of pantys and some tranny porn. I was stuned. He will never know i opened his box but im afraid things will be werid now.

    does the tranny porn mean hes gay?
  2. Number 1 rule. Never search other personal things. It might change your life.
  3. it doesn't mean he is gay per se ... i mean, did the trannys have boobies also?

    thats pretty weird, but that's what you get for snooping :confused_2:
    things will only be weird if you let them be weird
    he's the same guy you've always known
    just a little... more freaky than you may have previously thought

    personally, i dont' give a fuck what my friends are into in the bedroom
    its none of my business and it doesnt matter
  4. Hope you learned your lesson :p
  5. there is a limit, though; I'd feel wierd hanging out with someone who's into kiddy porn or snuff..
  6. lmao ... what random/weird shit to find
  7. i mean what whould you do im sitting there theres this box i will never get into ever again if i dont look now. I had the key hes 2500miles away. His personal life is HIS i know but i just couldnt help it! I had to know and now im sorry i do:(.

    this comes totaly unexpected hes what i whould call a "ladys man"
  8. All sorts of people are super freaks behind closed doors. A package turned up at my work addressed to the owner that had nothing in it but heavily soiled panties and a typed note labeling them as 'dolly's semen stained panties'.
    I don't think this makes your friend 'a homosexual' per se but I wouldn't drop the soap around him in the future.
  9. Wow, I think things might become weird around you and your freind. Lesson learned.
  10. i wouldnt worry about it, trannys are a turn on for some people.. different strokes
  11. Wow, your a great friend.
  12. i wouldve done it too. and if he was a really good friend made fun of him for it lol. if you guys are tight he shouldnt care about it i keep plenty of secrets about my best friends and they know stuff about me that would throw alot of people for a loop.
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    ive know him for about 9 years since i was 13 he lived with me for 3 years from13-16 im just about the only family he has so to me it whould be like looking into my brothers secret box.some of you say im a bad friend well i drove 10miles to the storage place dug in his shit for 30mins looking for his laptop found it and payed 40bucks to ship it to him.

    im not a noisy person its just that i HAD to know what was in the secret box i mean come on who whouldnt open it look and never say anything to that other person.

    also there where about15 other regular porn vids but the trany was the only one with its box so you chould tell it was his favorite.
  14. I mean honestly, it's not being a great friend but I can't say I wouldn't have looked either. Especially since you were so close with him and it wasn't someone you barely knew, so yeah I can understand you looking. But I just wouldn't say anything to him about it and don't make things akward. It's his personal stuff, and maybe he is into different shit, but he probably always has been. Which means you've always been close to him even though he's always had that side to him, so it shouldn't be a big deal unless you make it a big deal.
  15. In answer to your question, no, sexual fetishes/preference have no direct relationship to sexual orientation. Ask yourself, however, what it would mean to you if he was. Does it really matter? Do you notice him making unnecessary homophobic remarks? If so, he is probably giving himself a shell to hide in. It's not his fault. Common American culture nowadays seems to point in the wrong direction considering the progress over the past 50 years.
  16. are you making this up lol
  17. dont worry i woulda looked to... i mean shit im a curious person

    idunno... maybe he liked frieky shit every once ina while..... treat him the same....

    benzod out

  18. ...

  19. told them about my lock box?

    fuck you dude

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