Found weed. Safe to smoke?

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  1. i found weed in my dads new house he just bought. I'm guessing it's the previous owners weed. Just wanna know if this is actual weed and safe to smoke. Really need to get high right now

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  2. Welcome to City ,

    Lets ask the question a bit different , if you find a dildo that was left by previous owner , would you use it ?

    Joke aside , it doesn't look quality weed. If you are out of weed why not roll and try one but as i said it looks like low quality weed.
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  3. I am out of weed. It's 3:00 am right now. I can't drive 30 min away to go get some also my dealer is asleep. you don't think this weed is spice do you?
  4. It looks like weed bt as mentioned before , it looks like shitty weed.
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  5. Could be man.
    I would still smoke with with a check - smoke,
    Dont take too much.
    But it could really be something synthetic.
    Anyway. It propably is a regular shake
  6. lots of shittie bits really..but ok to smoke and will get you high.

    If I was young and out of weed id smoke it.

    The desperate's on here who smoke the bong and pipe scrapings (tar) Would pay good money for your little stash.
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  7. looks like its got a lot of trimmed leaf mixed in ,,,but it may smoke ok ,,might be a bit harsh ,,but as Lizard King .just roll said a small one and try it ,,,its the only way to find out ,,,mac.
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  8. Looks like mainly stems and there's hair in it
  9. I've smoked worse in my younger days!! So yeah if it was 3am and I wanted to smoke....I'd roll it or bowl it to just me it looks like weed some mex red hair or something!
  10. If it was me and I was back in the day as the young dumb kid that smoked (that was me I was clueless), I would have smoked it and smoked anything that ever came down the pipe. Treated weed? We would seek it out back in the day. Fast forward to today in the day and age of sp*** and other unknown crap I wouldn't touch it. I understand your need to "get high" or I as I put it, medicate but that's just it. I would rather wait it out and get something I know is quality and grown properly etc... I would just get some sleep and get up and go see my regular guy but that's just me.
  11. Go to a smartshop and buy a home test kit. Testing whether it was laced is pretty simple with those. Also testing for thc etc is easy enough with a simple kit.

    Tbh it just looks like trimmings stems and seeds. I'd plant the seeds. And run the rest through a scuff buzzer and test to see if it's laced. If not gather the kief and make hash out of it.
    Smoking straight up crud like gives me that reinforced concrete brain feeling.

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