Found Unique Way To Musically Entertain Myself When Baked...

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by squidrick420, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. So I started out running through my bands setlist on bass and after I finished I decided to hit the bong a few times. I then had a catchy Native-American sounding tribal melody run through my head, so I start whistling the tune. Then I started to play this bass riff along with it.
    Long story short this ended up being a one man jam session of bass + whistling for nearly an hour!! I think I went into a trance. I may start practicing this more and record this as a solo experimental project lol. Much different from my thrash/punk band.

  2. Keep us posted if you end up recording any, sounds like an interesting idea. 
  3. I would give that kind of stuff a listen.
  4. If it wasn't for the fact all my equipment is broken I would have recorded this a while ago. But fear not, I am a music tech student so I have no choice but to fix it all or replace it at some point.

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