Found two seeds in a 8th..

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  1. I found two seeds when I bought an 8th the other day, and I placed the two seeds in a napkin and kept soaking the napkin in water for like a week and a half. They have been sprouting some green looking thing, do i put it in soil yet? and what kind of soil do I put it in? This is the first time I'm growing any sort of plant since elementary school, so any sort of help would be appreciated..
  2. Haha, oh man you have A LOT ahead of you, including the chance of prosecution and theft, welcome to the growing world. Yes you can put it in soil now but not too deep, just beneath it. Go Organic and start getting lights, fans, potting, and Worm Castings and Alfalfa meal for now, the rest you can work your way up to through out the grow. Whats your plan?
    What supplies do you have?
  3. that would be called a "Tap root"

    when the tap root is about 1cm in length, plant it an inch below your soil, taproot pointing down.

    if you have a grow store near you, i would suggest foxfarm soil

    also whats your budget? your going to need a source of light ... some fans..

    your best bet is to read aroudn the forum, pay attention to stickies, and absorb as much information as possible. Knowledge is power
  4. If you do use fox farm ocean forrest dilute the shit out of it because it is hot and add some perlite so your soil gets more dry during the vegetative stage. You have a lot of reading ahead of you.
    If you use rainwater throughout the grow like I do make sure you add lime to your soil to even out the PH, rainwater is pretty acidic. Also keep it aerated so shit doesn't grow in it.
  5. Haha well I have no supplies at all. My plan was really to try and start up one plant so I can basically learn from that one plant. And obviously smoke bud from it in the future :) lol.
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    If you have 2, I'd recommend keeping up with both. Worst case scenario: both are male. Best scenario: one/both are female. Keeping both would increase your odds, but it's your grow, man.

    edit: Only female plants are capable of producing sinsemilla buds.
  7. You can PM me if you have any question, im no expert but I can answer fundamental questions and help get you started, would love to see your plants grow and become something, maybe you can start a grow journal if your serious about this, growing is ten times more fun than smoking in my opinion.
  8. I have never had any burn problems with my foxfarm soil. perlite is not needed in my opinion, it already has some in it.
  9. Yes but you want a more dry medium during the vegetative stage, the internodes will stretch too much if you water too much during the veg cycle or dont have enough drainage and I can tell you from experience FFOF burns, plus even if it doesnt and you dilute it that leaves room for AACT's in the future, and perhaps foliar feedings so it can have heat and cold resistance. Gotta plan ahead for things like that.

    Also your a medical grower and I assume you start from fairly large clones, I always start from seed.
  10. Well you can't grow without lights (unless it's spring where you live right now), so you should take care of that ASAP. I would suggest CFLs for your first grow as they are cheap and readily available. You will also need a fan for air circulation, some kind of light fixtures for the CFLs, soil, nutrients, different sized containers (pots), and a pH dropper kit. These are basically the most basic necessities, and skipping out on any of these could potentially cause some major problems. My advice is research as much as you can.

    Good Luck

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