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Found this

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by keepsmokin, Apr 22, 2002.

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  1. from ulgypeople.com thought its pretty funny [critter has deleted this picture.Not everyone is good looking mate :D.] have a good day people ..
  2. Sorry but I don\'t find that the least bit funny, how would you like people laughing at your face ? grow up or act your age. And if you want to post pics in future then post them in the Picture Forum that\'s what it is there for.

  3. Lmao!! Where did you get my Yearbook picture from keepsmokin ???? Lol :smoking:
  4. mickey t calm down its just a joke
  5. Don\'t call me ug ICK!! I wore my best hat for that picture!! lol :smoke:
  6. I dont see shit

  7. Damn, it got deleted before I could see it.
  8. Thanks for taking that picture off friend.

  9. I think pictures that have been warped to make people look ugly, like those funhouse mirrors do, can be humorous. OK I even laugh at the mullet webpages, because they\'re done with so much wit.
    A few months ago, I found out a friend of mine got put on \"rate my face\" as a joke and got low scores. He\'s not a hottie, he\'s not even considered good looking, and he\'s quite aware of this fact. And when he found out about it from his \"friend\" and saw his low rating (by then almost 100 people had rated him at like a 3.4 or something low), it broke his heart and self esteem.

    What if you found yourself on that website, dude, what would you do? And don\'t say \"nah that\'d never be me coz I ain\'t ugly\" because guess what? You\'re not \"good looking\" because you earned it, you were born with your traits. It\'s CHANCE, even people with good looking parents can be ugly. There are people who aren\'t as \"blessed\' aesthetically, who have souls that shine brighter than any good looking face could. Try to have some tact, and next time instead of laughing at that ugly dude, say hi to him. You could touch someone, and meet a great person you otherwise would have shunned in your own ignorant actions.

    Sorry, I know you didn\'t mean any harm with this post but I agree with the others on this one.
    p.s. the joke\'s funny until it\'s on you!
  10. You took the words right out of my mouth ganjaphish.

  11. ok first of all it was already on some site and its funny cause hes piss drunk with antlers on second i didnt delet it mickey did you delete it
  12. keepsmokin if you carefully look at your post made at the start it does say

    [critter has deleted this picture.Not everyone is good looking mate .]


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