Found this thought it was funny

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    Thought that was funny:bongin:

  2. Scary is more like it. They take a very calm approach to the subject of Pot Abuse. They give alleged 'facts' and back it up with alleged 'research' when we potheads all know that marijuana research is so restricted and minimal that we can't believe that so much research was done so recently. Notice how the colors and background of the site are so calming and non-intrusive. Nice technique... but scary because of the info they're putting out there. :eek:
  3. "Marijuana, like all recreationally used drugs, changes ones personality. It can make the shy feel outgoing, the weak feel strong, the inhibited feel uninhibited - especially concerning sex. Instead of developing these qualities the addict relies on drugs to produce the illusion that they posses them."

    go weed! you become cool without all the work :cool:

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