Found This Crawling on My Res. What is it?

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  1. Used a jeweler's loupe put to the lens on my phone to take pics. 40x magnification (so they claim).
    Last pic is of it's actual size.
    Some pics are bigfootish (blurry), but some are ok.
    Any help? Is this a predator to my ladies?


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  2. If you'll using rockwool have you inspected the top of the root-zone?
  3. I systematically do, but I haven't since I saw this yesterday. I will now.
  4. Roots of the three closest plants to that res. 
    unless you meant from the top. I hurried and took a picture of the top of one of the plants (the only one that I haven't covered the rockwool with hydroton). This was all right before lights out.

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  5. Have you identified those bugs?
  6. No. still not yet.
  7. Bed bug bro
  8. Is that a joke?
    I doubt it's a bed bug. This is in a greenhouse that only has the plants in it. Nothing else in there.
    And bed bugs are brown/black like this. I guess anything is possible though.
    Thanks. Any more help? Any more guesses? I appreciate it.
  9. It's not no dad-gum bed bug... if I were you I wouldn't worry about it, at least I'm going to try not to worry for you.  :laughing:
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    Looks like a young western flower thrip to me but can't be sure without more magnification.
  11. That's actually plausible. I hope that's not what it is though. They look somewhat similar. And western thrips are supposed to be 2mm in length. I killed it, of course, and looked for others. I didn't find another. So no more pics. Let's hope I can't come up with any more pics for you also.
    I looked it up and it says that these are responsible for Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. Hopefully the silica that I recently started feeding my girls will change things and repel these if this is the case.
    Thank You a lot. Very reasonable response. I hope you're wrong (reasonably so). Hopefully it's just a random nonthreatening insect. I'm going to keep a look out and thank you for the help. Because if I see another, thanks to you, I'll know how to treat it.
    And thanks to mmman. He's always a GREAT help in this section. Saved me MULTIPLE times.

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