Found The Way To Clean Your Piss Quick

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  1. K well this is for everyone who's on probation or has jobs that DT myself, I am on probation so I gotta be kinda sneaky but I'm gonna stop smoking anyway just because I don't like the feeling when you don't know if your clean or not and shit yourself everytime you see your p.o.

    Ok well I had a drug test yesterday (monday) and I already thought I was kinda clean cuz I drank hella beer and it was about a week ago when I last smoked cuz I don't smoke as much as I like too nowadays. K well here it goes...

    What you need -
    A Bottle of Vitamin B-12 pills
    I had Niacin TIMED RELEASE, true these arent ideal kind but fuck it it worked for me..
    a lot of water but I like using Tea instead.

    K i leave home sick too clean my system and right when I walk in I pop 5 b-12s and about 5 niacins. I drink about half a gallon of tea and make sure my piss comes out crystal clear. After another hour or 2 I drink the rest and piss a lot more just to make sure. About 2 hours before the test I take 4 aspirins to cover it up.

    And if you have a better method use it but I didn't just think this shit up and try I did pleanty of research and I know what does and doesn't work.

    I know I came out clean because when I walked into probation and I was talking to the p.o. he says my eyes are red (from cigarettes btw) and he says if you are dirty I'm going to rebook you as a recommit and your gonna do your whole six months over again. I was in a juvenile boot camp when I was 17 and I was still incarcerated when I turned 18 and they STILL got me on this shit. Well he says he's gonna do the dip so he can arrest me right there on the spot. I piss and I'm kinda tripping cuz ive done this twice before and it worked but you never know if God just thinks your fucking up and you need to get arrested. Well he dips comes out clean and I know the dip isnt always that accurate but the two times I did it before the results were sent to a lab and they came out clean.

    NOTE: It helps if you take some B-12 and Niacin the day the before the test and piss a lot. The aspirin is just a cover up, same thing with water, drinking water a week before the test isnt going to do shit. It's a cover up.


    Vinegar, bleach, and various types of other stuff theres a link right here from where i got my info out and I've been using this method for a while. Just thought it would help you guys wanted it.
  2. 5 niacin pills? what mg? im pretty sure you can fuck yo shit up real good if you take too much niacin.
  3. dude i hope you dont mean sweet tea. to drink a gallon of sweet tea is like praying for kidney stones.
  4. nah not sweet tea, regular tea. Green Tea would work the same though. and they were 250 mg but time release and i know you can fuck your shit up by taking hella niacins but i have a lot of experience with pills. But timed release doesn't make you itch or flush.
  5. will using timed release 250 mg work alone? or do i need the tea and asprin. because im on probation and i have random drug tests and i want to be able to smoke.
  6. It's a decent method, but not a foolproof method. You're testing your luck OP...

  7. laughed my ass off with that one. :p

  8. I drink about a gallon of sweet tea a day(2 cups suger and 14 tea bags) and have for the past 25 years. No kidney stones.

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