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Found the stash

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ganj420, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Dude holy shit i just found my dads satsh theres a ton of cash the pipe he took from me and more!!! im excited
  2. ooooh, your dads gonnna be mad......
    you left it all alone right? lol

  3. for now i lefvt it alone but as soon as it gets bigger and theres less to notice when missing ill take some "stuff" im kinda being really cautious right now though cause i got busted smoking yesterday morning
  4. very smart.....:D

  5. yeah its how i usually do it
  6. How much money?

  7. 120 dollars
  8. when you said a ton of cash I thought you ment like 10Gs. $120 aint bad though:).
  9. So, he busted you for smoking when he smokes, too? That's hurt...

    All my friends who's dads smoke, their dads don't care that they smoke. I've smoked with most of them, too :D So fun.
  10. agh tell me how did you do it i got caught yesterday morning how did you test your daughter agh (im stoned i need to chill)
  11. well..i can tell you how to pass the test

    dont steal

    stealing is in fact, not a good thing to do.
  12. live by that.... well put Namron
  13. Yeah, if my mom had a stash I wouldn't steal from it....but I'd ask if I could smoke it with her :D
  14. hahaha my mom pinches my bags
  15. Was the weed yours? If so, isn't it possible he just hid your stuff, and you found it?

  16. I feel this way about stealing from family. but not big buisiness. Buisinesses have insurance for stolen property, so if you steal something from them they report it stolen and just have it replaced.I dont think ive ever stolen over $5 worth of stuff from a store, if i do take something cuase dont have any money, when i go back to buy something a usually tell them to keep the change. they think im being nice, and i think that i'm paying them for the stuff I "borrowed" earlier;). But as for stealing from the county, take whatever the fuck you want! those bastards are government backed, you could steal a damn tractor and they would just get a new one. I take stuff from them all the time. I think of it this way, I pay tax, therefor that money goes toward my county Tab.:)
  17. im confuzled but ok
  18. simply put.

    steal from big buisness and county = OK.

    Steal from family = Not OK

  19. exactly :)

    the family actually CARES about you...businesses don't - they just want your money, so why do they deserve any respect? :)
  20. haha... DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM!

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