Found step dads stash....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blaze Jr., Mar 15, 2004.

  1. Look the other day I was gettin the clothes out the dryer and a bag fell outta my step dads pants so I picked it up and it looked like weed but I couldn't find any seeds but I did fint 2 or 3 stems. It didn't smell like weed because it had been washed. Anyways I should have kept it but...I gave to my mom to try and bust his ass ( I hate him) but of course he denied it and said he found it in the middle of the street and he thought it was the neighbors....what do you guys think about this?
  2. fakers lyen like a dog..... no one and i mean NO ONE is gonna pick up an empty bag of stems and keep it... it was his.. keep looken and youll find a full bag eventually..... then steal it smoke it and repeat... what the hell is he gonna say? quit smoken my weed? yeah right lol :D
  3. haha... that same thing happend to me, and i started smoking my dads hash, but then the bitch-ass mofo busts into my room and starts smoking my shit. no communication, just dissapering weed man. its great if you dont have a lotta cash :)
  4. yea....I looked lastnight because everyone left the house but I didn't find shit. That don't mean nothing though he could have it in the shop or in his ride..........

    I hope I find some soon I got a black&mild chillin in my room that I need to smoke ;)
  5. Nah man, it is in the house. Keeping it in a car or work just isnt a good idea, especially when you got your own place. Keep looking for it bro, I bet it is there. You will find it eventually, and when you do I recommend live Zeppelin :)
  6. derr, or he coulda had it ON him?
  7. what non-smoker knows that stems are part of weed?
  8. i would have smoked it all in one sitting.

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