Found some weed in my ass.......

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Dude Pass It, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. So Im chilling with a few friends out and watever and they all smokin somemaster kush nugs they get for 20$ an ounce, yea steal huh?
    anyway Im feeling jelous and Im like holy shit I wish i had weed then my anus starts icthing
    i put a finger up there and waalllaa! I pull out a bug the size of a gram! a little dirty but i just wiped it clean, crushed it up rolled it in a dollar bill i had (thats called ballin folks)
    and got torn, felt like i smoked pure shit but, it was great
  2. Smoked it out of a dollar bill?

    Do you know how many people touched that dollar bill?

    You probably smoked half of America's diseases.
  3. A gram of weed, in your ass? Can you please find another forum to fuck around in? GC is too full of immature kiddies to accommodate you.

    Isn't summer over yet?

  4. :laughing:

    3 posts in and this thread is already filling with win...
  5. Wow. I officially call shenanigans. Either that or you're gross. Fucked up either way.
  6. Talk about shit weed.
  7. You put your finger up your ass looking for weed?

    And they say it isn't addictive...

  8. thatd shit be the jankiest jank on the planet
  9. Nah, he couldn't have. This kid has probably never smoked bud in his life. Thats why he makes up retarded stories like this one.

  10. pretty much, it was in my ass:D
  11. I think we're all neglecting the most important point of his story.

    An ounce of kush for $20!
    I mean, damn, right?

  12. We all know $20/zip for Master Kush is about as true as the weed from the ass story. Or it's just about as good as something coming from someone's ass.

  13. Of course we all overlook that.:p

    rep to junkiedays for the keen eyes :wave:

  14. LOL I didnt even notice he posted that. This kid is definetly atleast in middleschool if he said an ounce of kush for 20
  15. Dude Pass It is a troll who is not banned yet. He posts in other threads mostly saying "fuck you". I hope he falls off a tall building into a large container of horse semen and is then fucked in the ass by a horse until he is in pure agony which isn't relieved until the very second the horse climaxes and he dies.

  16. Maybe it was Master Tush.

    Ahahahaha... Hahahah... What?


  17. ..i'm speechless. :eek:

    +rep? mhm.
  18. ...holy shit
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