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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bushaaay, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. hey guys yesterday night 2 of my buddies were walking through the woods and found 15 plants ha and they said they were all budding but they dont know much about weed so theyr gonna take me there and have me check em out im so happy:D
  2. Leave them be!! Rippers should be executed.
  3. Probably someone else's stash. I'd leave it alone.
  4. Everyone on this forum is so adamant about leaving plants alone that they find out in the wild. I'm all for taking the plants if you come upon them. The person growing them needs a better hiding spot.
  5. ya man if they were actually budding, I'de cop that shit. But just some.
  6. People who steal plants are to lazy to grow there own crop and therefore shouldn't even be smoking marijuana if they dont even put the effort into atleast attempting to grow it. What real toker who is 18+ hasn't grown plants or tried to grow plants.

    And for those found plants wait till next year and grow your own you seem to be so jealous and excited about someone else's plants. People who steal plants are really jealous of people who can grow and just wish they could grow there own so they take other peoples.
  7. This shits expensive man, and it aint cheap to start up + Grow so if i found some... Damn Right i'd be fetching the lot in the car... at 140 per Oz cant afford to leave it :D
  8. You know if you really want to be an ass then take a few buds. But leave them alone. If i found you out there in my crop you wouldnt make it back with all your lims. So now your taking a chance. Anyway I hope you get pulled over with your find. Serve you right. Grow your own.
  9. Don't go near them's BAD Juju
    If you do "May the fleas of 1,000 Camels infest your armpits"
  10. Still time to take a clone from them... Be a man, not a thieving lil bastard punk.
  11. Yeah my plot got robbed last week. And so help me flying spaghetti monster I will kill myself if I allow another to steal someones hard earned stash.

    Wait until they are about to harvest and clip a SMALL bit off. Don't ruin someones crop, its a lot of hard work to care for pot plants. If you really want to get free weed, grow your own.
  12. aww man reminds me of when someone took my 5 plants in like 4 weeks buddin, sucked i felt like i lost something like a limb or something when i found out they were gone. o yea that was my first time growing and i would just go there and chill there and like i dunno i loved those things.
  13. This raises two questions:

    First, are the plants wild or do they belong to someone? Fifteen MJ plants don't just grow in a plot in the wild, so this belongs to someone else.

    Second, can I take some? Only you can answer that. Given the answer to the first question, realize that taking some is stealing, is that what you want to do? I hope not. Also realize that some growers boobytrap around their grow.
  14. I'm sure I would take some if I ran accross them. I'm also sure I'd beat the living hell out of someone I caught pinching my hard grown crop.
    Don't get caught or be prepared for meeting the real owner.
  15. 300 dollars will make a decent grow closet dont be cheap it takes a lot of balls to grow and even more to steal thats just dumb
  16. even though i have my own going, i would not be afriad to take about 10% or so, that is your bounty for finding it! The 90% is YOUR GIFT to the owner. Don't be bashful about the 10%, it's yours.
  17. Ya I would probably take a few buds but I wouldnt jack all the plants I cant even imagine how I would feel if I were to find out 15 of my hard earned buds got owned by some random tree hugger.
  18. ever since i saw Office Space the first time i've liked "no talent ass clown" :cool:

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