Found Some kush.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by davoplot, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Yea i found a few rows of goodness.Is Kush too.

    I was walking down my normal street i use to go home, and i cought a whiff of overpowering weed..And it smelled like Kush!Dont know what strain excatly but prolly pink or hindu kush.
    So i walked by this by this big ass hedge and there was a little hole thing in the bush, like loose brans n sht.
    And i glanced in it while walkig by it just out of couriosity and i seen a bunch of green in rows, and i thought wouldnt that be funny..
    So i peek at the end of it and there they are.

    Dumb fucks now a days, im not gonna touch it but fuck who ever it is...they obviously got punched in the face 1 too many times.
    Well its probably madicinal but still...who has it heaty s fuck on a busy street whe growing a dank ass strain, neighbourhood is being watched by Drug Enforcments and crawling with undercover cops.
    Even if they dont care...and have guns or whatever is still dumb as fuck.
    O yea there was like 40 maybe 60, not much but enough to get you cought for being on your front yard....

    I am tempted to mae pt cookies tho...:smoke:
  2. That is just nearly impossible to believe. I am just absolutely not buying it, and you shouldn't be selling it.
  3. bwahahahahahahahahahhahahaha
  4. you should at least tax a few plants for stupidity. We must fight stupidity at its core! that is by forcing everyone to learn the easy or the hard way! we all must learn! If you plant it in public someone will jack you dumbfucks!

    above quote is assuming your telling the truth.

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