Found some foreign cigs..

Discussion in 'General' started by lk250f, May 8, 2011.

  1. Well, i work at a golf course where tobacco smoking is prevalent. And as i was cleaning out a golf cart, i found a pack of cigs. Look a like a dis:
    I said hmm, weird marlboros. But the huge warnings and made in switzerland gave it away that these are from a foreign country. Hands down best marlboro ive smoked. So smooth and non-fsc. Anyone here import their cigarettes? Is it possible?
  2. I saw Chinese cigarettes the other day
  3. Wouldn't be worth importing cigs for the price.
    Just buy some good tobacco and roll up it's better than ready made anyway.
  4. It's possible. My friend had family from Europe visiting once and they all brought tons of cigarettes over. He gave me a pack and it was some weird brand I've never heard of and they all had those labels too.
  5. Some cigs from overseas have charcoal filters and taste like dirt
    Not that any other cigs taste good or anything (I quit)
  6. Dang, I wish I could get some foreign cigs. Some of my buddies got some Canadian ones once. I didn't ever get to partake though:cry:
  7. So you want to IMPORT the Marlboro's that they EXPORTED from here to begin with.

    Sounds like a great plan. You're probably better off rolling your own...
  8. I never said i wanted to import them? i asked if anyone does, because how else would these get here. And maybe they're imported but these arent sold in the US.
  9. So you don't have the labels on them in the states?

    They put some gruesome shit on the packs over here.
  10. I've seen some with a gold Chinese letter on a red filter... and black papers. Does anyone know what these are?
  11. um, most american brand name cigarettes, like marbs camels, winstons, etc are made in switzerland. So no, they're not exports. And they're cheap in my home country of ukraine. About $1.20 a pack. Non fsc too :)

  12. Thats the thing though, they dont sell these in the US. It says duty free sale only on the pack. Im not sure, but idk ive never heard of it in the US before. Plus all american cigs are FSC. This gold original line up seems to be foreign. Thats just what ive seen so far.
  13. i only buy foreign cigarettes, one of the + of living in the middle east.

    i'v smoked all sorts of different marlboros from mixed flavor to marlboro filter plus.
    my favorite would have to be the swiss marlboro reds, vintage camels and cleopatra(on occasions).

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