Found Some Coke

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TheShawn, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. My friend cleans people's houses when they're evicted to get them ready for other people to move in/to auctioned off.
    So, today he found a couple of grams of coke in one of the places he was cleaning.

    Oh snap. :eek:
  2. good?

    get zooted mah friend
  3. u lucky son of a bastard
  4. You know that guy prolly cried after leaving the coke he bought with his rent money in the house he was evicted from because of his coke habbit... Wrap your mind around that shit, kinda ironic.
  5. EPIC.
    lmao, awesome dude. That made my day.
  6. I'd give out half grams for free to people cuz I'm that kinda guy.
  7. fucking lucky
  8. Damn, aint that funny. lucky son of a gun
  9. I thought it was all pretty funny too.
    We're just going to trade it for some acid.
    I'd rather have that than coke. :D
  10. how did he get that job? seems badass to take all the shit people leave behind.
  11. You got squisheys yay :eek:
  12. The world works in mysterious ways, I bought an old upright piano last month from a thrift store. when I took out the works to rebuild it I found two sheets of blotter acid. it had the keep on trucking man on each square, like they had back in the 70s. I thought they would be to old to get you off but I tried one and really got fucked up. :p
  13. Holy shit.
    That is the best thing ever!
    If acid came with my piano I would list that as my greatest accomplishment on a resume.

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