Found some 17 year old oxazepam

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  1. Lol.
    So I found these in my dads medicine drawer while helping him move, are benzos like opiates where they just lose potency over time? Or are they not safe to take. I found hydromorphone about the same age and it was fine. The pills are in perfect condition.
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    hell ya bro there completly fine,this one time i took oxycodne from 1989 an i got madd fucked up off them.

    o ya an if they were kept in dry dark moistur free area,then there probly close to being just as good as some that were a couple of months old.

    doctors make expiration dates for money.
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    Yea, and how do I tell the pills in the bottle are the same as the ones prescribed? The pills say APO on one side and WAR on the other with 4.

    Does the number beside the "Rep: 4" supposed to match with the pills?
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    check it again nothing comes up in the pill identifier for a pill with the imprints of APO WAR are you sure that's what it says?

    what exactly do you see when you look at the pill on both sides
  5. On one side it just says APO, then on the other on the upper part it says WAR, then a line dividing it in the middle, then 4. The bottle says 15mg if that matters.

    I'm thinking its a different pill than what the bottle says, my dad is a bit fucked like that, he will put some pills he needs in an empty bottle, then carry it around, toss it somewhere and never look at it again.
  6. Alright apparently its not the pills as said on the bottle, thanks for the help anyway.
    Its some pill that I can't even pronounce.
  7. hmm are you sure its not warfarin is it a blue tablet
  8. Actually, after looking I think thats exactly what it is. I remember seeing another bottle labeled Waran. Thanks man.
  9. no problem bro J an Silent Bob are the shit
  10. Hell yeah I'm watching Dogma right now!
  11. far out man,its fucking 4.30 i need to go smoke a bowl or joint not sure and go to sleep.

    catch you later bro


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