found side road help pls

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  1. Hi I'm new to this fpurm never grow hydro always soil want go hydro I found this side road not sure how I would set up tho I find strange where the connect ion is a d shape they made it I could see if straight and valve on end instead being a nft please help guys tossed in a pic of my babbys lol

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  2. Looks like that might be some sort of flood and drain system but not sure not very educated on hydro systems.
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  3. this would love to no how I should set up
  4. How many fittings does it have just 1?
  5. I think you need a resivor and a submersible pump that will allow reverse flow so you have pump in nute solution hooked to the bottom fitting set on timer fills the system for certain time then when timer shuts off the solution will drain back through the same hose back into your resivor. So it will need to be mounted on something high enough to allow for all the nutes to return by gravity back to reservoir.
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  6. what would have revers flow tho it doesn't make much sense I no I need a pump I'll get one and a res is no problem where would it drain from y would they would like this it should have a drain at the end to drain through gravity I would think and the valve at end to flood to a d then do flood drain or content run through like nft
  7. if you had this how would u run it
  8. I got the parts you need to put in a drain.
    Its pretty much a copier of a general hyropincs AF 20 AREOPONIC SYSTEM
    I gave my AF 20 away those systems dont have enough drainage around the root system.
    They are a leak waiting to happen .
    I have made several system very similar to that one .
    Get rid of it

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