Found Seed from Feminized Plant + Seed is deformed?

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  1. I harvested around 20 days ago, for reasons unknown it is still drying, I check daily to see if there is any sign it will look better once it is actually dried, it appears things are happening, just quite slowly, although it has been hot/humid weather.

    The plant was a Nirvana Bubblelicious Feminized seed from skunkrevolution, everything seemed ok though I have found a seed today when checking, thinking it was a good buddy part that felt dense, it was not and turned out to be a seed.

    I have also found seeds before in good bud, is this possible on a female plant or a fluke of nature that happens more than expected?

    The seed had a small green covering over which I removed with litttle effort, to find what looks like a small seed on one side and then a big seed on the other side, as you will see in this picture.

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  2. If it's taking that long to dry, you should really find another method of drying. 20 days sounds like a lot of time for a plant to retain moisture. I suppose after so long, there would be mold growth.

    That seed just looks like a premature seed or something. It probably won't germinate. The strain you have could carry a tendency to hermaphrodite. Just keep an eye on it if you run it again.
  3. Once its dry grow it!! Wear a helmet when you smoke the mutant!
  4. What are you drying in? I'm in the south where summer humidity is through the roof and it still only takes about 5 days before they are ready to jar. Are you hanging whole plants?
  5. Unfortunately yesterday somehow, the seed rolled onto the floor and I couldn't find it again, hope I can find it and will put it to the test!

    Thanks for tip, I hadn't even thought about the fact that it may not even germinate, surprisingly. If you read below in my next quote you'll see my whole explanation as to whats happening in the drying process.

    I was worried more or less, that they would dry out too quick as it has been very hot lately, which doesn't happen too often as it's usually quite a cool area in terms of weather.

    My post here pretty much explains everything if you wouldn't mind taking a peek. :)
  6. that's a dead seed
  7. Sometimes an unpollinated female will generate a few seeds on its own as it approaches maturity, it's a last-gasp attempt to pass on its genetics. A good, viable seed found from this method should be good to grow and should be 100% female. But don't sweat the seed you lost, even with those photos badly out of focus you can see that seed almost certainly was not viable.

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