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Found roaches, safe?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Canboi98, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Hey, I found about 15-20 fat half joints in the woods by my house, I took them all apart and put the moist bud In a little bagy. It is snowy and wet by where I found them, the (weed?) found inside looked brown with the odd green bit, they we're all like that, my thinking was that they've just been sitting there for a while due to the colour, I did find a really dry one where all the bud from inside it was green. Would it be safe for me to try and catch a stone from these? Or does the risks outwhiegh the benefits? Does the thc wear off after sitting for that long? Thanks! *no hatefull comments please*
  2. Don't do it, it could have mold inside of it, and the bud is almost garbage at this point. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. Dude I don't know. When I first read this threads title, I was all for it. I've found roaches from 1-2 years previous, smoked it and got high off them. But you're talking finding them outside with the elements? I don't think it's worth it man.
  4. I'd be worried about mold.

    As far as being garbage, it's all perspective man. Roaches might seem not worth it, but to someone who doesn't mind the taste of resin it's like finding free weed.

    However the risks outweigh the benefits imo
  5. haha it really sucks because there's at least 4 grams there lol, I'm just going to let it dry and then see how it looks
  6. #7 Forked Up2, Jan 20, 2014
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    That's fucking disgusting its like finding a half eaten cheeseburger that someone shifted out and eating it.   You people that said use it need to look in a mirror.   Fuck....  Nvm you guys siad not to.. Thanks god for humanity.
  7. A look in the mirror? What is that supposed to imply? Because of differing tastes if it goes against your preferences it's wrong?
  8. I hope the contributors had hep c
  9. Did you find them in a baggie? Or were they out open to the elements? If they weren't in a plastic bag or something, then hell no - probably moldy by then.
    Anyways... smoking a 3 day old half burnt joint/blunt is the most disgusting thing ever... Tastes disgusting, no amount of kool aid and doritos will help THAT level of cottonmouth. 
  10. nah bro. send me all the roaches and your bud and money and any bitches you've got and ill make sure the mold from your bud isn't spreading
  11. #12 Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Jan 20, 2014
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    I didn't even notice who I replied to until I saw a new notification and then looked back through my subscriptions since your name sounded familiar . I. Just call them as I see them. I'm not trying to follow you lol.
    Lol even I laughed at that one.  Bows....
  13. For finding homosexuals repulsive, you sure do talk about what they do in detail a lot.
  14. #15 Cawdswallup, Jan 20, 2014
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    A week into a bender with the lads and we would have been all over that. 
    With a sober sane thinking mind, I wouldn't recommend it. They are probably fine but you just have to ask yourself if it's worth the chance of something undesired occurring.
    Oh come on Shelly,  that was pretty good you have to admit.  ;)
  16. U MAD BRO? 
    No man I'm high and having fun!  You?
  19. Damn, I've had this one saved in an image folder for so long waiting to use it.


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