Found random marijuana lighter in my house?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by naughtyneighbor, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. My parents hire a person to come to our house once every month to clean up and wash the bathrooms and stuff, and look what she found:



    The funny thing is it isn't mine and I've never seen it in my life. I love it though :hello: I asked my parents if I could use it to "light my candle every now and then", and they didn't mind at all.
  2. Oh yeah. I went to a "older-people" party and I found this vase sitting on a desk. I was just tripping out on how awesome it would be to have this transformed into a bong. It's hugeeee.

  3. Well it lights like a regular lighter...
    ...doesn't seem to be much wrong with it.

    EDIT: I take that back. I just looked over those pictures again, and the first one confused the hell outta me. The computer's upside down, and no one's holding the lighter. Is it floating in mid air upside down? Idk...Wow.
  4. Haha the high life. :bongin:
    Man come to think of it I had a weed lighter and I lost it. It was one of those wind proof ones. It uses butane and it had two pot leafs that lit up on it.

  5. Hahahah...I put it on my desk and it's glass so it mirrored it perfectly.
  6. pimp lighter
  7. haha high life is the name of my school newspaper (which i got to name lol), dunno how i got away with that one.. lol

    btw if its not your lighter, whos is it? parents toke?
  8. I'm assuming it's the maid's.
  9. Hahaha I just found out the story and where it came from.

    My parents were at Europe a few years back and always light candles in the house, so they bought this lighter. Apperently, my mom thinks it's a 4-leaf clover, for good luck. At this point I'm laughing my ass off and she's liek "What? What?" I'm like...nothing mom. nothing.
  10. i dunno- i dont buy that your mom is that niave. My mom had acted like that when I was younger and she didnt think 'i should know anything'. Turns out she knew damn well what a pot leaf was, she was the stoner all her life until about 30.......haha.
  11. Your mom is saying she's dumb enough to think it's a 4 leaf clover dispite having 5 fingers on it? Doubt it. I bet she's lying.
  12. Thats a good point that I didnt think about...... a 5 leaf clover brings EXTRA good luck.....:smoking:

  13. no dude she is like majorly haha she thinks that pot is like hella addictive and u can die from one use hhahahaaa

    duude naughtyneighbor i <3 using that lighter so glad ur mom found it :hello:

    only a few more weeks...till u know....:smoke: hehe
  14. i want to make that vase a bong
  15. Nice find
  16. I was thinking the exact same thing homie.

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