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Found possible dealer but need help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by piffcity09, May 27, 2009.

  1. Right, so I got this dealers number but the guy doesn't know me so I don't know what to do? I don't want to text him saying do you sell weed and be all sketchy and shit. What should I do?
  2. well first off...who did you get the number from?
    if a friend have that friend call him to let him know your gonna call him soon

    if you jsut have it call and ask..ain't sketchy
  3. call him and be like hey im a friend of(whoever gave you the number). Do you think you could hook me up?
  4. "" for the truth.
  5. you couldnt figure this one out dude? lol, come on...

    Either you found it written on a bathroom stall or a friend gave it to you. If it was a friend, have your friend call him and tell him that he gave his friend (you) his number, or have him text him that... and then you call him and it will be 100% legit...

    otherwise, call it, tell him that you are looking for a hookup... worst case scenario is he says no, which shouldnt be a big deal...
  6. FYI:

    Terms and Conditions


    6. Hookup requests and offers are not allowed.
  7. #7 piffcity09, May 27, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 27, 2009
    im not asking for a hookup you fucking idiot , just advice

    Here's some advice; name-calling isn't allowed here. -JD
  8. hes not requesting or offering anything.....:rolleyes:

  9. i didnt hear any request for hook ups

  10. you just got triple pwnd my friend
  11. + rep does that make it a quadruple pwn? im sorry for killing it in advance

  12. Calling LF an "idiot" might make you feel better, but it only demonstrates YOUR immaturity. Save the childish behavior for school. Being objective, he is only asking for advice on how to talk to someone to obtain cannabis. Which DOES fall under the Terms & Conditions cited by LeapFrog. Be respectful of the rules regardless of if you like them or not. If you don't like the rules, then use a PM or use your e-mail. Or don't get on here.

  13. I am not requesting or offering a hookup?
  14. How did you get the number? If you got it from a mate ask to go with him to meet the dealer, it will help to establish a future relationship and next time you can go by yourself.
  15. never never text message a dealer asking for drugs
    say hey its (your name) im one of (your friends name who gave you the number) friends can you get me a (tell him how much you want) sack
  16. Yeah guys thanks, ive just said 'Hey its(my name) i got your number from (friends name) can you hook me up?
  17. and he said?.......
  18. i texted him no reply yet hes probs sleeping ( 1.00 am here in the uk)
  19. Aww hell naw.

    Show some love to leapfrog people he was just tryn ta help.

    To Op: Your in luck one of the greatest stoners around will tell you what he would do in this situation.

    Maybe just text him this -

    Hey dude this is (Your name), (Your friends name) told me you had the frostiest nugs in town can I call you up an get a half later?

    He should say:

    "Yea sure" or some variation of such.

    You think he's gonna say something like

    "What the fuck are you calling me for you piece of shit I don't sell drugs"

    He wont say anything like that so just hit em up.

    Type in slang also helps don't text him

    "Greetings! one of my associates told me you distribute and use illegal narcotics! May I purchase some?"

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