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  1. checked grow, found a small lady bug looking bug, cept top shell was brown. killed it(hopefully. smashed into the dirt) and found a couple of the tips of my fan leaves bitten off >;O. proceeded to spray insect killer around my grow tent. lol have 2 leaves with tips bitten off the leaves:S will this destroy my grow? 3rd week into veg

  2. also are the fumes from the insect repellant harmful to the weed plant
  3. uh....bug spray?????
    fuck...poison all over that plant now, fumes infused into it...
  4. You should be using neem oil, wet the plants 100% every 2 weeks. Hit them real hard right before flower so You dont use it in budding mode.
    I have won the war of mites and aphids and now am very vigilant. Mites and aphids are the worst and if you dont get them fast they take right over.
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  5. yh smashed tht btch , et 2 my leaves lul. gt bug repellenant all around my grow so shud be good on bugs, saysi t creates a bug barrier or w/e
  6. just woried itll efect my yield
    worry it will effect the health of anyone using sprayed poisons all over the plant....
    Darwin, ya, he had a point...
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  8. Use Neem oil.
    Dont go get a can of Raid yard guard. Or cockroach killer.
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