Found parents weed! Help!

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  1. Ok so just today I was in a towel waiting for the shower to warm up. I noticed there wast any shampoo in there so I go to my moms closet to find some. Grab some poo, and I noticed a little tin thing in there. Open it up and I didn't really know what I was looking at until it hit me. There was a few filters a pipe lighter all that stuff. (didn't see any weed) I kinda freaked out because that's the last thing on earth I'd expect my mom to do. My mind has been racing ever since. So now here's where I'm at. I don't mind my mom smoking at all she's extremely responsible and an amazing parent. I'm definitely ok with smoking some shrubbery here and there so what do I do? Maybe I just smoke when I feel like it and if she catches me I know she's not gonna be mad. Idk. Please help. Thanks.
  2. Haha its hard not to read the title as "parents found weed"
  3. You should obviously call the police to come arrest her.
  4. Sit in a robe in your living room in darkness.

    When your mom comes home turn on the light.

    Be like was you gettin hi?
  5. what do you exactly need help with dude? you leave her stuff where it was and carry on about your 'pooin lol. obviously it's not a big deal if she's been doing it and you've never suspected anything.
  6. She's an addict! Send her to rehab.

    No srs. Roll up a nice small joint and leave it there, where you found the other stuff.. :smoking:
  7. ^ I like that idea :)

    Still waiting to find my mom's... I know she has a stash! xD
  8. hahaha
  9. Kinda hard to take you serious when your grabbing"'poo" :laughing:
  10. Confront her, it's your mom. She won't get mad
  11. roll her a joint and write on it "we need to talk" and leave it for he
  12. Subtly let her know that you know. Drop a small jay in with her stash or the like... it's worth it. Day after I first tried weed, I edged my mum in about it... she taught me ha hell of a lot :) How to roll, how to pick up, how to meet people... seriously she eased my entrance into the world of Mary Jane so much...
  13. What if she's a closet tobacco smoker and only likes hand rolled cigs
  14. She's just hanging on to her friend's stuff for a few bucks, chill the fuck out
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    I'd say just talk to her about weed, ask her about her views on it (is it safe, legalisation, etc) and see if she just opens up and says she used to do it, or does it now. Ask things that could lead her kind of giving you the right to (is it dangerous? is it safer than drinking? does it feel better? etc), and she'll probably just tell you about her tin herself.

    You could end up where you started or end up with permission to freely smoke without hiding it.
  16. If your mom's closet is the only place your family keeps the shampoo then you had a legitimate reason to go in there. However, by snooping through a closed box you crossed a line and violated her privacy.

    As an adult, she has an expectation to privacy just like you do. That includes concealing her paraphernalia from you. Obviously she does not want you to know, or you would have known.

    I suggest you address the topic by educating yourself on some of the medicinal marijuana issues going on in America, and then asking her about her opinions on it. Start a dialogue. Depending on the tone of her answers, you can decide how far you want to take the conversation. If she seems quite assured in the legality of it, perhaps test the waters by asking about her feelings regarding recreational use. Go from there.

    If/when you tell her that you found her equipment, follow it with a swift and sincere apology for your actions.

    Also, I suggest switching the toiletries storage area to a natural location, like under the bathroom sink. This will help you avoid future uncomfortable situations, like walking in on her in a state of undress because you needed soap.

  17. You should throw a tantrum. Break a vase, throw the fine china, all that good stuff. Really go fucking nuts! Scare the shit out of her and tell her she's let you down so much.

    Then light up a joint and pass it to her.
  18. Sucks you didnt find any of there weed. When i was younger i used to steal weed from my parents all the time. Me and my dad have blazed many times since. Gotta love cool parents.
  19. Leave her a scary voicemail that says "I know what you did last session"

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