found out who fucked me over a few months back

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by blaazedd, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. yea like a few months back my friend and i were getting an oz for my friends dad and i called up a friend,
    they said they had it, came down and totally fucked us over, took the money and really shady like left to go "weigh it out"? then never came back, turned off their phones, etc.
    not until recently after talking to an older friend that knew those people did he tell me yea they fucked us over.
    now what should i do? the people who did it were supposed to be my homies and idk wether to beat their ass and take their stuff for compensation or what..

  2. plant herion on them and call the po...j/k, but yea kick some ass and take their shit
  3. Sounds like some friend you got there.. You and your other friend just need to get him when hes alone and give him a good ass beating
  4. ahaha thanks
  5. Id just bust out their car window or something and call it even.
  6. Get a gun, use it. JK smiles, try possibly getting a bat and using it?
  7. Air out of tires? Potato in the muffler?

    I love children's automobile pranks, they're always so effective.

    Hell, with the gas prices nowadays, why don't you siphon their tank dry? Do it a few times and there's your compensation right there.
  8. yea yo a zip aint nothin to do some crazzy shit over butt deff fuck them upp
  9. Just ignore it. Getting into an altercation with these low lives will only lower you to their level.
  10. I'm with sourdiesel. Live and let go or whatever. It's better to avoid conflict like that. They were douches that took you for a sucker. Oh well, it happens to everyone. Don't do anything to get yourself in trouble or arrested. Just don't buy from them anymore.
  11. let it go... but your a moron for giving them the money before seeing the product
  12. Sugar in the gas tank. hahaha. thatll make em think twice before ripping you off again
  13. I'm all about peace and shit but ripping off an O that's a chunk of cash, i mean if it was like a quad i'd say let it go but shit. I'm with daveo-420 on this one, I'd smash a car windshield, that way they can't drive til they fix it. And they can use the cash they jacked from you to replace it. that's how I'd deal with this problem.
  14. the cool thing about smashing windows is that they gotta clean up all those glass shards, and if you dont, someone ends up getting cut. HAH!:hello::hello:

    or just smash fat dents ALL over the body of the car..that way they cant just fix one part.:wave:
  15. im planning my own revenge on someone who skanked me of £40 quid a few weeks back , the sweetest thing is this guy thinks he has got away with it , little does he know im sick in the head and im going to fuck his life up in a major way . :devious:

  16. woah there, i think its silly to freak out over that little amount man. Think aobut it, ATMS have stolen more than that from you. You've prolly dropped that amount of money on the floor. ITs not worth a trip to prison for so little cash dude. U should just chill and smoke some more and relax. just dont ever buy from that guy again and your set. Cmon man, you cant think that that little amount of cash is worth fucking his life up... right?
  17. Yeah but then in the end all you're doing is paying for their window to be fixed..should go get some actual compensation for that shit
  18. Hmm well I think I'm gonna plan something, I mean this guy doesnt even have a car but I could fuck his shit up, definitely.
  19. How about you not front people money?
  20. If it's men who fucked you over don't get any romanticized ideas about 'beating their asses'. They'll just overpower you and take even more. Get some boys together and rob their flat and pour paint in their engine.

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