Found out my smoking friends are fake

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  1. Over the last few weeks I've been paying close attention to the people I smoke with, and I found out that the majority of them only like me cause I always have weed

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    it happens far too often. fuck em. cut em off and find new friends. or don't. be a loner :confused_2:
    either way you're rid of those leeches, and have more weed for yourself :bongin:
  3. that's life, cuz

    choose wisely
  4. Dude ive been in this exact situation.. If your sure that's all they care about you gotta ditch those fuckers and get new ones...
  5. Just don't smoke them out? Go chill with them but don't take any of your own bud

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  6. The sooner you're able to figure this out, the better.
    Trust me. 
  7. yeah because if you  invite me to smoke with you ill either bring some weed with me to share or money so we could buy more..thats being a real friend..fuck those leeches
  8. i mean, if i got it to spare fuck it i'll get my peeps high all day everyday
    but if that's all they there for, then fuck em
  9. Only match from now. Thats how i solve that problem before it starts.
  10. Lucky me I've had they same friend forever with no leeches, it's only when I try to make new friends that happens. Gotta say duck it and let the herb find your friends
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    Get some respectable friends. With my friends, we have like an unspoken code about weed. If you borrow, you pay back without having to be asked. If someone shouts you, you shout them back. When you buy in a group, you all weigh in front of each other and divide it as equally as possible, even to 0.01g. When we sesh, we take turns for who has to buy, who brings munchies, whose house we go to etc.
  12. well they sound to me like leeches..if you share with a homie the homie should share right back without
    saying a word like" hey man you allowed me to smoke with you" I just thought id return the favor"
    anyone else agree?
  13. Get used to it.  By the time you are 35 you will realize every single person you though were your friends were fake.  All except 1 or 2.
    And for various reasons not just herb.
  14. I vote ditch them, easier said then done ofc.  If they ask if you want to blaze be like sure and don't bring any.  If they are like ok lets go buy some say you don't have any cash and see where that goes.
  15. Fuck I have friends I only chill with to smoke with one of us always has bud...
    If I need a friend I have my girlfriend of 5 years fuck humans.

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  16. I think it all comes down to being able to trust a person and trust is a two-way street..but you have give a person a reason to trust you before you can expect any
  17. everyone you think is ur friend really isn't and will take advantage when the opportunity presents itself.... that's life unfortunately


  18. If I knew they had money, I'd ask them to throw down for something. If they make a lame-ass excuse or flat-out refuse, give them the boot. It's a great filter.
    But then again, I tend to have trust issues to begin with. That's why I go solo when I partake. Also a good policy.
  19. It's easy to weed them out (lol ha) when you notice if they're around or not when you're dry. If they're literally only around when you got sumn rolled up then tell them to go fuck themselves

    Trying to get equally in my right mind

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